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Morotti Arte Contemporanea inaugurates the new Giorgio Vicentini's show on Saturday, November 24th at the Daverio headquarters, in Piazza Monte Grappa 9.

In the title chosen for the exhibition Angolo Privato  is enclosed the sense of the last production of the artist. The flow of colors on the paper, on the glossy consistency of the polyphile, on the aluminum in contrast with the apparently static opacity of the color spread on the wood, seems to evoke the dialogue between the deep and whispering self and the announced one, extended to the Other.

And this dialogue takes place in the moment and in the creative act, when the nuances of painting let themselves be guided by the artist's hand and the material with which he interacts; but it also occurs in the contemplative act, when the spectator is confronted with his horizons and inevitably evokes his own.

So a private corner even if shared through an art in constant evolution but always true to itself, like the human soul.

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