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New year has just began and at Kooness we are eager to discover new emerging and talented artists! What better place to look at if not Looking For Art Gallery?

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As you might know Looking For Art Gallery promotes artists under 35, preparing them for a future career in the arts. Today's chapter will dig into the carreers and poetics of three of them. 


Sara Cerati

(b.1996, Cantù)

Since her childhood, drawing appears as a key to interpret reality to Sara Cerati. Her stylistic approach combines works having a very strong physicality to digital illustrations that reveal a synthetised nature. Recently, she has discovered that "the secret is to figure out-case by case-which is the best medium to express a creative urge"; a painting, a text and a song might derive from the same thought, just in different shades. Therefore, she has begun to integrate in her work other two great passions, namely writing and music. 

"Reality as it appears is insufficient (...). I feel very close to the dimension of the dream and for this reason I know I am a convinced realist."


Sara Cerati, Proserpina (Merini's Embrace) (2020)



(b.1997, Ravenna)

Svccy, aka Matteo Succi, is a self-taught digital artist strongly interested in the role of the individual within today's society.

His art is inspired by digital collage art and 3D Art permeated by the visual current Vaporwave / Aesthetics born and developed online between 2011 and 2012. The genre is characterized by the use of nostalgic 80's and 90's themes of computer operating systems and video game consoles, Roman busts, abandoned shopping malls, elements of Japanese culture all seasoned with the use of shades of purple and pink. Unlike the classic images of the genre, Svccy's works tend towards a darker and more introspective variant. The human figure is represented by statues often faceless or covered by objects, symbolizing the total lack of identity of the individual, subjugated by technology and ultra-consumerist society.


Svccy, Forgotten (2019)



(b.1993, Catania)

ESO, aka Giorgio Parisi, studied at the school of Comics in Turin, where he studied the psychology of colors and their meanings in marketing.

ESO is aims at simple and smooth way of living, as nature suggests. Through his work, he defines "the traits that distinguish every individual who is in perpetual contrast with his own ills and feelings distracting him from caring for and listening to his inner dimension. Signs and brushstrokes hide the person that never shows entirety; painting parts of the body, as if it were a still life, as if to decompose a subject that is far from the so desired inner balance. An equilibrium that one feels a few times, and that ESO luckly finds in painting: "it almost becomes a way of grasping strength and imposing a form on our dreams and desires."


Giorgio Parisi, 2. (2018)


Discover more on Looking for Art and if you happen to be in Florence in the upcoming month you cannot miss the newest T-Space's Art Gallery, the latest project by Telepass in collaboration with Looking for Art: a precious show featuring artworks by Sara CeratiSvccyMatteo Occhipinti and Ludovica Crippa. The body of work perfectly reflect the core values of Telepass: innovation, mobility, speed, contamination and enthusiasm.

Cover image: Svccy, Clouds room (2020)

Stay Tuned on Kooness magazine for more exciting news from the art world.

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