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Ravenna, Italy

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60 x 60cm

710,00 €

Clouds room


60 x 60cm

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60 x 60cm

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Matteo Succi, class of 1997.
Matteo Succi aka Svccy was born in Ravenna in 1997 and is a self-taught digital artist. He began his artistic career by approaching digital art, studying the various techniques and possibilities of image manipulation. In his early years he dedicated himself to composition of images related to digital collage art and then took the road of 3D Art and animation, always trying to focus on the analysis of the individual within today's society. Over the years, he collaborated and competed in numerous competitions winning prizes or reaching the finals.

The art he creates is inspired by digital collage art and 3D art permeated by the visual current Vaporwave/Esthetic born and developed online between 2011 and 2012. The genre is characterised by the use of nostalgic 80s and 90s themes of computer operating systems and game consoles video game consoles, Roman busts, abandoned shopping malls, elements of Japanese culture all seasoned with the use of shades of purple and pink. Unlike the classic images of the genre, Svccy's works tend towards a darker and more introspective variant.
The human figure is represented by statues that are often faceless or covered by objects, symbolising the total lack of identity of the individual, subjugated by technology and the ultra-consumer society.


• Connexion festival Rome I Edition, Collettiva, Mattatoio Roma, 2019;
• “Vista sul Paesaggio” XIV Premio “Sergio Fedriani”, Collettiva, Castello della
Dragonara,Camogli, 2020
• “Nostalgia Virtuale” bipersonale, Spazio PR2, Ravenna, 2021;
• Mint Gold Dust x NFT Paris collettiva, Parigi, 2022;
• NINFA x Superchief x NFT.NYC collettiva, Superchief gallery, New York, 2022.



• Artparma fair XIV, Galleria Zanini Arte, Parma, 2022;
• BAF fair XVII, Galleria Zanini Arte, Bergamo, 2022;
• Unfair I, Galleria Looking for art, Galleria Zanini Arte, Superstudio Maxi, Milano, 2022;
• Arte Genova XVII, Galleria Zanini arte, Genova, 2022;
• BOOMing contemporary art show, Galleria Zanini arte, Bologna, 2022;
• Artparma fair XV, Galleria Zanini Arte, Parma, 2022;
• Arte Padova XXXII, Galleria Zanini Arte, Padova, 2022

Premio Osservatorio Cultura Lavoro at the Connexion Festival Rome; Winner of Teelent Varese
Solo exhibition; Finalist XIV 'Sergio Fedriani' Prize; Finalist Varese Design Week Teelent;
Finalist in the First Edition of the Art Competition organised by BVLGARI Accessories and COMONExT,

Finalist in Reebok's B P-ART contest and exhibitor in Reebok's NFT ART gallery at PLUG-MI Milan.

In 2022 he collaborated with Telepass to create 3 unique works for the new headquarters T-Space in Florence