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Sara Cerati

Cantù, Italy

5 Works exhibited on Kooness

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Sara Cerati was born on October 25, 1996 in Cantù. Since the first years of childhood, the drawing appears as a key to reading reality. The language gradually branched out during the years of high school art and, in a broader sense, at the Academy of Brera where she attended the course of Graphic Art. The stylistics of her works has changed especially in the last three years; they combine works with a very strong physicality to digital illustrations that reveal a nature more devoted to synthesis. In recent months she has been developing experiments in the field of visual poetry to combine art with another great passion of hers: writing (in prose and verse). Music is also part of her imagination. "The secret is to figure out-case by case-which is the best medium to express a creative urge"; a painting, a text and a song could derive from the same thought, just in different shades.