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As you might know Looking For Art Gallery promotes and creates a space of artistic experimentation and exchange, preparing young artists for a future career in the arts. Mainly dedicated to artists under 35, Looking For Art Gallery hosts a variety of young artists whom experiment with a wide range of different media.

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November focus is on painting and specifically on the body of works of three remarkable young painters: Andrea Gallotti, Giulia Coda and Francesca Piccinni.


Andrea Gallotti

(b. 1993, Monza, Italy)

Since childhood Gallotti has proved a keen interest in visual arts. His artistic journey is driven by his desire to explore more international and less academic art scenarios. Through his encounters with renewed artists, he has been able to combine theoretical and practical aspects and to define his personal artistic language.

"Does the repetition of a gesture devalue its importance? (…) The answer I have found is 'no'. Every gesture, action, sign and stroke is in search of a mere copy of the previous one. A simple gesture, which makes its simplicity an excellent example of how true this answer is. In repetition there are always variables, both calculable and not, that determine the final result of the gesture. Each gesture, which imitates the previous one, is in fact unique.(…)


Andrea Gallotti, NoName19 (2020).


Giulia Coda

(b.1994, Novi Ligure, Italy)

Coda attended the Art School C. Carrà in Valenza and then she moved to Venice to study at the Academy of Fine Arts. Here, she obtained the Level I Diploma in Painting and Performing Arts, in 2018 and the Level II Diploma at the same Academy, in 2020.

Giulia’s work represents reality, or at leas her idea of reality that encompasses multiple facets. Her research mainly focuses on landscapes as a result of her memories, studies of reality and a deep knowledge of ancient literature.


Giulia Coda, Elysium #7 (2020)


Francesca Piccinni

(b.1995, Padua, Italy)

After some years of traveling around Italy, Piccinni moved back to Veneto to attend the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, where she obtained her Level I diploma in Painting and her Level II diploma in Decoration.

The mains focus of Piccinni’s artistic research is nature, and particularly seas and oceans. Indeed, she currently collaborates with Science Gallery Venice and CNR ISMAR Venice on the "Art of Marine Science" project, aimed at raising awareness of the major problems affecting all water regions.

If the sea is endangered, so is each one of us”: through her work, Piccinni highlights the extraordinary panoramas deriving from seas and oceans and the risks that they are currently running.


Francesca Piccinni, Reef (2020).


Cover image:  Francesca Piccinni, Trittico. Polaroid bruciate (2020). Courtesy Looking For Art.

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