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Looking for Art - the first and only StartUp that promotes the work of Under35 artists active in Milan - presents two Generation Z artists, the Moldovan Elena Surovet and Antonio Teora, and the Millennial Giacomo Cervi.

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Looking for Art is a company that focuses on offering young artists the possibility of a post-academy, post-high-school artistic path. It represents the springboard to enter that world/system of art which is so difficult to navigate, especially for young artists who have begun to take their first steps in the art world, who still attend art schools (such as the Brera Academy in Milan), and who could end up abandoning the idea of ​​a career in a highly competitive field.


Dove Sono (2020) by Antonio Teora, courtesy Looking for Art
 Dove Sono (2020) by Antonio Teora, courtesy of Looking for Art


From cultural association to society, the step was quick and painless. A qualitative leap that in just four years has allowed Looking for Art to put artists' works under contract, but not the emerging artists themselves, so as not to bind them in any way, through dedicated exhibitions in different locations in Milan. The official e-commerce site is refined, simple to navigate and intuitive. Looking for Art aspires to have aesthetically pleasing online sales channels and platforms. The website and social media profiles, especially Instagram, underwent a rapid increase during the period of the pandemic, which also corresponded to a large devaluation of the physical places of making and selling contemporary art in the city.


Euridice (2021) by Giacomo Cervi, courtesy of Looking for Art
Euridice (2021) by Giacomo Cervi, courtesy of Looking for Art


The best emerging artists of the Italian scene can arrive directly in the buyers' homes and give meaning to a market otherwise constrained within the white walls of an elite art gallery. Buying a work on the Looking for Art’s site is really within everyone's reach. the creation of a dedicated page on the e-commerce site, multimedia support, providing advice or the sale at a permissive cost, are some of the services that Looking for Art offers to its new artists throughout the Milan area.


 Dialogo (2019) by Elena Surovet, courtesy of Looking for Art


Artists joining Looking for art’s “family” are driven by a true passione for art and are goal oriented, irreverent and innovative, often crossing over between different media. Among newcomers, Elena Surovet (b. 1999, Moldova) focuses on the human figure through her black and white, distorted and bizarre, portraits. Clear graphite is used to convey a hyper-realistic language, as in Al Sicuro or In Dialogo, shows a mysterious closeness, almost overlapping, between two female figures. Antonio Teora (b. 1999, Italy) - who participated in the traveling exhibition of contemporary art “I mille di Sgarbi” in 2019, curated by art critic Vittorio Sgarbi - has made out of the incomplete, partial form, his main stylistic signature. Naked bodies, empty faces: wandering and melancholic characters immersed in the ghostly landscapes of Dark, Where Am I? and Loneliness, trace the human condition, the most intimate and contemporary one. Giacomo Cervi (b. 1992, Italy) graduated in natural sciences. Self-taught and passionate, he specializes in charcoal drawing. “The language of images has no wrong words, it is interpretable and at the same time direct”, says Cervi who creates delicate (Inner) and simultaneously intricate (Your Touch) lines of gestures and hugs within abstract vortices.

Trusting artists - like Surovet, Teora and Cervi - who are now unknown, who, maybe, in about twenty years, will have their own importance, or will become prominent figures in the cultural panorama of the city, and who will have had Looking for Art as an obligatory step: this is the broad and far-sighted goal of the StartUp.

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Cover image: Elena Surovet, Dialogo, 2019. fine art paper, 305g.

Written by Petra Chiodi

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