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“We are young, irreverent, with a main objective: reclaim the arts!”. If a gallery, as a statement, welcomes its public with such a sentence, the attitude towards this reality can only be positive. 

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Looking for Art Gallery was born in Milano in 2016, a venue hosting and curating exhibitions of emergent artists from all over the world, but this is not all it is. Looking for art team has been working on different levels to sustain the artists they selected through a committee. This young reality is a place of artistic and cultural research, a stimulating setting for young artists to exchange their visions, but also a startup that offers different possibilities to a public that want to share and buy art. During the last five years, Looking for Art has been working with hundreds of visual artists whose mediums range from painting to illustration and sculpture, with a focus on photography. Most of the represented artists are based in Italy but, since the beginning, Looking for Art – as the name itself suggests -, expanded its artistic research towards Europe and even overseas. Their catalogue shows artists from Brazil, Japan, Lebanon…

For September 2021, Looking for Art team was called to be part of the 60th edition of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Milan international design week. The gallery will be in charge of the project “Le Strade dell’Arte”, a real open-air gallery. With their attentive research attitude and attentive eye on the emergent art, Looking for Art will curate the event with a clear vision that of becoming a landmark, a connection point, for the artistic community involved in the Salone. Inside the Alfa Romeo Park, one of the most iconic places in the Alpha District, this series of art routes will follow one another along the green paths of the park and will make the works accessible to everyone.


Courtesy of ALPHADISTRICT.IT and Looking For Art.


Positioned on the lawns and hillsides of the Alfa Romeo Park, “Le Strade dell’Arte” will offer the highest level of inclusiveness, giving anyone, without distinction, the chance to come across the exhibition. The focus of the event will be on the medium of photography and represents a safe investment for all young creatives interested in not losing the opportunity to participate in the Milan Design Week 2021. 


Courtesy of ALPHADISTRICT.IT and Looking For Art.


Looking for Art was involved by Alpha District with the Art Direction of FORO Studio, as a strong symbol of a fresh energy that will be open the design week. Looking for Art and FORO Studio will select photographers that will submit their productions (or self-productions) for this special week. So, go check it out and apply to the open call (you can find all the infomration here), it’s up until July 30th, and see you in September!


Courtesy of ALPHADISTRICT.IT and Looking For Art.


Cover image: RESILIENZA, Pietro Cremonesi.

Written by Rossella Farinotti

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