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Looking For Art Gallery is a place of artistic and cultural exchange for hundreds of under 35 artists gravitating around our project. The final goal is to create new and better growth opportunities for young artists, who can find in our Gallery a place where they can express, experiment and share art in all its facets. It is a space where innovation and deliberation synergically push boundaries, enabling aspiring artists to acquire new skills and new techniques, as well as being part of vanguard projects. Our new project enables novelty to reach new levels, to surprise and be surprised and, last but not least, to breath an artistic and cultural atmosphere, far away from the everyday stress and rush.
Eleonora Molignani was born in 1995 in Milan, Italy. As Looking for Art's gallerist, her job is to create solo and group exhibitions of the artists who take part to our project. Her artistic background dates back to her high school years at the artistic lyceum Boccioni, after which she graduated from the Cultural Heritage faculty of Universtià Statale di Milano.

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Via Romolo Gessi, 28
20146 Milan


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