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On November 30th, Motel D will host a collaboration between Kooness and Green Future Project to support the UN's 2030 Agenda. The event will sell prints powered by Looking for Art, aiming at a number of Sustainable Development Goals.

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There are endless ways to respond to modern day’s cultural and developmental issues, yet four businesses have found a common ground, i.e. Kooness, a digital platform that leads the art market by sharing, selling and promoting contemporary art online, creating easy solutions for gallery’s everyday challenges; Motel D, an industrial space transformed into a creative club, that boosts synergies between companies and start-ups with special regards towards sustainability; Green Future Project, an organisation that guides companies towards climatic solutions and Looking for Art, a gallery who targets emerging artists under 35 to revive uniqueness.

It is no secret that, throughout the last decade, awareness towards sustainability surged and has been fully underway. As you may well know, since 2015 the UN has promoted an agenda with seventeen goals, intertwined with one another, that projects into a peaceful and prosperous future. The goals are structured to affect social, economic and environmental sustainability so to speak that the development will balance out in all areas by the end of 2030.

Likewise, individuality and uniqueness play a decisive role within today’s society. Everyone who is striving to stand out from the crowd have found that there is no better way to do that than through culture. Culture takes a stance in every individual, group of people or business. It is the means that pinpoint and determine our identity, yet gives you a sense of belonging. Little wonder that its cross-cutting role within the UN’S Sustainable Goals is the driving force towards development.

While culture and sustainability go hand-in-hand, the art world follows. It is often hard to empathise towards each issue as these concern the populace both directly and indirectly. Nevertheless, art is a strong vehicle, maybe the sole which pairs up with media, that has the power to show and communicate the daily global threats we are facing. Through photographs, portraits, sculptures and abstract art, too, art catalyses social changes, overstepping boundaries and connecting people towards growth and sustainability.

The mind map/chain of thought finally comes full circle. Currently, Kooness and Motel D took the matter at heart and into their own hands, blending the aforementioned high spots - art, culture, and sustainability. At the event on November 30th, Kooness will sell artworks, more specifically, photographs – powered by Looking for Art - that raise awareness towards a number of Sustainable Development Goals and support these climate projects by devolving a percentage of the sales to GFP. 

The two parties are collaborating with Green Future Project to support distinct projects: Canandè Reserve in Ecuador and Vilamasta Reforestation Site in Madagascar. The Madagascar project’s agenda is to plant and manage mangrove forests supporting communities and providing long-term employment for locals. Meanwhile, the project destined for the Canandè Reserve in Ecuador plans to expand the reserve and protect the remaining area of Choco, improving citizens' livelihoods, too.

The three exposed artworks will target three SDG’s in particular, with additional fifteen artworks available on Kooness that targets more. The objective to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls”, is brought to light through Teti’s Artwork “Ama,” that celebrates love in all of its forms through a positive outlook and without discrimination. Then, the 12th UN objective to “guarantee sustainable models of production and consumption'', will be shown through Silvia Pisani’s artwork “Long Beach, CA” that portrays a multi-million dollar fast food company cup left on a bench – representing organic and material waste. Lastly, the goal to “protect, restore and promote sustainable use of the earth’s ecosystem”, will be backed by Matteo Occhipinti’s print “Just Another Yellow Leopard,” illustrating the beauty of flora and fauna.

The project is a loud call to raise awareness and to make a positive change for our planet. To us, playing our part means to aid social issues and eco-sustainability, while enriching the guests and public through the discovery of young local artists, art, culture, and made in Italy. Make sure you check out all the featured artworks on our Exhibition Page.

Cover image: Courtesy of Green Future Project. 

Written by: Sveva Berto

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