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A contemporary New York-style space based in Milan combined to Looking for Art gallery for emerging artists and our platform Kooness are bringing to life a new group exhibition on the occasion of Milan Photo Festival 2022.

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Francesca Masocco, "Fine Estate”, 2019. Courtesy of Looking for Art

The collection is intended to be harmonious while juxtaposing. The “young eyes” have two implications; firstly, these are the chosen contemporary photographers with an age below 35. The ten participating artists are Matteo Occhipinti, Silvia Pisani, Matteo Brivio, Sofia Mangini, Giulia Reggiani, Giuliana Trisorio, Yanis Balestri, Francesca Masocco, Gabriele Cialdella, and Jacopo Papucci.At the same time, these are the means used to portray the inconsistencies and challenges of modern generations facing social-emotional issues concerning individuality, the relationship with the urban context and the harsh exchange with an unfiltered everyday life.

Gabriele Cialdella, "DANCING", 2021. Courtesy of Looking for Art

The series will be visible in Motel D, nothing less than a 700sqm space that brings together creative members, where collaborations and synergies between professionals in the cultural industries, start-ups and companies interconnected to the world of sustainability can come to fruition. Strictly related to the world of sustainability.


Jacopo Papucci, "Ora d'Aria", 2021. Courtesy of Looking for Art

For the Milanese scene and populace, Motel D takes the role of a place that goes beyond the mere concept of an office, rather its goal is to build a physical and virtual community, familiar to the same goals and ways of working, as well as give a sense of belonging/affiliation to the club. A place that opens its doors to design exhibitions, conferences and festivals to give lots of opportunities to its frequenters.

Silvia Pisani, "Barcellona, ES", 2019. @CourtesyofLookingforArt

The exhibition will be launched at Motel D in via Caldara 13, on Wednesday 14th September at 7pm until 9pm. Then, it will be open from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 8 pm until the 14th October 2022.

Looking for Art is a company, founded in 2019 as an Innovative Start Up, run by a team of three very young creatives and dedicated to the dissemination of contemporary art. 

Cover image: Matteo Occhipinti, "Yellow", 2017. Courtesy of Looking for Art

Written by: Sveva Berto

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