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The 13th Chapter of Looking for Art is dedicated to the Italian photographer Alexander Gabriel and his solo Exhibition where he will present a series of underwater images. 

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To dive into the autumn season and in respect to Milan Photo Festival 2022Looking for Art is pleased to present "Apnea", Alexander Gabriel's Solo Exhibition. The artist Alexander Gabriel (1997), born and raised in Milan, left his Literature studies to pursue a career in photography, which he uncovered to be the right medium through which he can express himself and with which he feels the most in touch with the world.


Alexander Gabriel, "Apnea X" 

(Fotografia Analogica, 2021) @CourtesyofLookingforArt 


Through photography, Alexander Gabriel blends light to memory, influences, novels, and fragments of past loves. His photographs are not limited to portray what he finds himself in front of, but to combine it with what is inside him. His aim is to give a unique and subjective vision to his pieces. Gabriel focuses mainly on portraiture projects as well as projects who investigate the human nature. 


Alexander Gabriel, "Apnea VII" 

(Fotografia Analogica, 2021) @CourtesyofLookingforArt 


The photographs depict a moment of inability to breathe, also known as panic attacks. As the journalist Carolina Davalli wrote in i-D Italy to describe the series; "The feeling of a panic attack is strong, extreme and hard to put into words, it is a complex, lumpy and umcomfortable feeling, a mixture of helplessness, fear and emptiness. A feeling that artists and creatives of every era have tried to encapsulate with their practices, attempting to communicate the elusive psychophysical conditions of mental health-related disorders. Thus, over time, an iconography of sensations has taken shape, symbolic and fluid, condensing perception, language and imagination into a single gesture: showing one's vulnerability. And it is this urgency that led Alexander Gabriel to make “Apnea” (Apnoea), a photographic series shot entirely underwater to render a blueprint of his inner world, unfolding the sensations he experiences during a panic attack, from which he has suffered for several years. The result is an underwater journey into the depths of the human soul, where poetry, restlessness and abandonment force us to keep our eyes open and hold our breath."


Alexander Gabriel, "Trittico Apnea V" 

(Fotografia Analogica, 2021) @CourtesyofLookingforArt 


Looking for Art is a company, founded in 2019 as an Innovative StartUp, run by a team of three very young creatives and dedicated to the dissemination of contemporary art. Its main goal is to promote and market emerging artists Under35. 

The exhibition will take place in Via Romolo Gessi, 28 (Milan, Italy - 20146), from September 21st to October 7th, 2022. The opening will happen on Wednesday 21st September from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m. Then, the exhibition will be accessible Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. 


Alexander Gabriel, "Apnea III" 

(Fotografia Analogica, 2021) @CourtesyofLookingforArt 


Cover image: Alexander Gabriel, "Apnea II" (Fotografia Analogica, 2021) @CourtesyofLookingforArt

Written by: Sveva Berto

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