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The 12th chapter of the featuring with Looking for Art gallery will show you brand new photographers growing in this safe environment for free experimentation. Photos by Giulia Reggiani, Matteo Brivio, Giuliana Trisorio and Federico Robino will make your day. 

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During this hot July, Looking for Art is back again to refresh us with new young talents. The gallery promotes artists under 35, most of them already showing great skills and professionalism. The gallery exhibits art through various media, but this article focuses on four photographers it represents. These young photographers, born between 1996 and 2001, live in the Milan area. Despite their proximity to each other, the messages they want to convey, their creative techniques, and their results are very different. Let us look together at the photographic personalities of Giulia Reggiani, Matteo Brivio, Giuliana Trisorio and Federico Robino

Giulia Reggiani

From Bergamo, class of 1996, Giulia Reggiani was passionate about photography since university. She has an alternative creative process to many other photographers: she does not always bring her camera with her, but she leaves room to practice her eye and reflect on the situations that interest her. "I only photograph what catches my eye, what strikes me and inspires me, those moments that give me emotions or that I consider rare and unique". She works as an event photographer, assistant photographer, and in a professional print shop. She specialised in Food Photography and Still Life in order to combine her greatest passions: photography, design, and interiors.


Giulia Reggiani, Pied de Poule, 2019. Courtesy of Looking for Art


Giulia Reggiani, Nebbia II, 2017. Courtesy of Looking for Art


Giuliana Trisorio

Born in 2001 in Milan, Giuliana Trisorio turned to photography professionally at the age of sixteen, starting in 2017. Post-production is often Giuliana's main tool for communicating the moods she wants to convey to the viewer. If an idea comes to her through the shot, it is through editing that she expresses the fascination she feels for her surroundings, people and moments. Her photos are veiled in mystery, with lights and colours representing her personal feelings. Giuliana exhibited at "Brera x Lights of Art" in 2019, and also at the contests organised by Looking for Art gallery.

"Photography is for me an element that has the ability to characterize itself through the person taking the picture. Images collect within their emotions, feelings, and moments that would otherwise be lost in time. This for me is photography. It is a state of mind encapsulated in an instant”.


Giuliana Trisorio, Canal Grande, 2019. Courtesy of Looking for Art


Giuliana Trisorio, Autunno in Val di Mello, 2019. Courtesy of Looking for Art


Matteo Brivio

Matteo Brivio lives in Milan, is a Photography student at IED, and discovered his passion for photography close to his choice of university path. This greatly influenced the way his photographic style developed because he was not yet influenced by preconceptions born by external influences. Matteo's research focuses on shapes and geometry. In his photos, he wants to give the viewer the opportunity to follow lines and symmetries, as well as the shapes that make up the structures underlying nature. Matteo also focuses on architectural photography, which certainly satisfies his interest in eurythmic shapes. The photographer prints his photos in diptychs which facilitate the geometric reflection of the elements in his photos.


Matteo Brivio, titolo, anno. Courtesy of Looking for Art


Matteo Brivio, titolo, anno. Courtesy of Looking for Art


Federico Robino

Class of 1998, Federico Robino undertook scientific studies, and then, after graduating, he approached the world of design by enrolling at the European Institute of Design. While studying, he approached photography independently, using a family reflex camera as his only tool. The photographer is an experimenter who is carried away by the desire to explore spontaneity. "I love it when photography takes over so that I let myself be guided by pure gesture." Indeed, Federico describes his technique as "Intentional Camera Movement," drawing inspiration and reference from the photographer Roberto Polillo. 

"In what I observe, I find a trace, shot after shot, everything evolves guiding me to where I would never have thought to go. This gestuality is also reflected in the politics of mistakes. I approached photography as a self-taught photographer and therefore I really enjoy experimenting and incorporating the 'mistake' within my shots to reach new ways of seeing reality".


Federico Robino, Sleeping Girl, 2020. Courtesy of Looking for Art


Federico Robino, Pieces, 2018. Courtesy of Looking for Art



Cover image: Giuliana Trisorio, Sdoppiamento, 2020. Courtesy of Looking for Art.

Written by Margherita Fabbri 

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