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Segno - The Group Exhibition by Andrea Gallotti, Flavio Di Renzo e TETI at Palazzo Borromeo, Milan.

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Looking for Art shines the spotlight on three emerging artists this month, collaborating with Antonini Milano to present their exhibition in an exclusive venue.

Opening on the 5th of October, ‘Segno’ showcases the works by three artists within the historic walls of Palazzo Borromeo, in Milan. This 13th century building, located in the eponymous square, will host the three artists’ artworks until the 13th of October.

For this exhibition, artists Andrea Gallotti, TETI and Flavio Di Renzo have developed works based on the central theme ‘segno’. This Italian word can roughly be translated into ‘sign’, but it carries the idea of a ‘trace’ or, even better, a ‘mark’.

‘Segno’ is both a symbol and a scar, left behind by passing time and the artists who created site-specific artworks. Indeed, the artists have created their pieces in response and for the location of Palazzo Borromeo, inspired by its past and the traces still present in this historic structure.


Andrea Gallotti

For ‘Segno’, Artist Andrea Gallotti’s two large canvasses, No Name 35 and No Name 36 - each 180 x 130 cm. They are covered with varnishes and pastels.

According to Looking for Art, “they are the perfect summary of the last few years of the artist’s research”.

Minor details distinguish the two works, as they are both marked by a repetitive and meditative gesture. Curator Francesca Bardazzi describes it as instinctive and ‘childlike’, connecting the small differences between the two works to the imperceptible details which are ignored at a societal level.

Andrea Gallotti in the Backstage, Photo by Andrea Ceppi. Courtesy of Looking for Art


Artist TETI (Matteo Piccolo) also presents large canvasses. Three 200 x 100 cm works, in varnish and acrylic, called Vieni, Fallo and Senza Senso.

This artist’s research is focused on an ‘interior world’ of feelings and emotions. Centrally, a state of anxiety, concern and restlessness. This is what pushes him to create.

His works are marked by a ‘primal’ gesture of simple lines - here, bold text. According to Fancesca Bardazzi, it is a reference to censorship and past revolutions. Perhaps a distant memory of those the building has seen?

Teti with his artwork Senza Senso, Photo by Veronica Pinelli, 2022. Courtesy of Looking for Art


Flavio Di Renzo

For this exhibition, Artist Flavio Di Renzo’s work Rota Fortunae, a project developed in eight photographs and presented as limited-edition prints (60 x 40 cm) with a continually changing digital part.

The photographs are inspired by the fresco paintings of Palazzo Borromeo and how it features the Major Arcana – the named figures in tarot packs. The artist connects them to the situation lived by artists today, who continually attempt to leave their ‘mark’ in Society. As Francesca Bardazzi explains, antique and modern meet in his ‘theatrical pieces’ as they are continually evolving, like the universe over time.

On Wednesday the 5th of October, the exhibition will open its doors to the public from 5.30 pm, and it will be open from Tuesday to Friday, between 10 am – 1 pm in the morning, and 2 pm – 6 pm in the afternoon, until the 13th.


Flavio Di Renzo. L'Imperatrice, 2022. Courtesy of Looking for Art.

Cover image: Event Flyer, Courtesy of Looking for Art. 

Written by: Zoë Rivas Zanello

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