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Once again, we focus on an emerging art hub in Milan, Looking For Art Gallery, whose aim is to promote and create a space of artistic experimentation and exchange, preparing young artists for a future career in the arts. Dedicated mainly to artists under 35, the gallery offers a wide variety of artworks, ranging from paintings to sculptures and photography.

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Our spotlight on the gallery is on four emerging photographers: Agnese Magda Carbone, Mattia Terribile, Jacopo Papucci and Mattia Sanarico. 

Agnese Magda Carbone (b. 1999), also known as Agnemag is an emerging photographer that works and lives in Milan. Primarily working in analogue, Carbone focuses on portraiture and self-portraits, creating a harmonious balance between two different dimensions: the intimate and the metaphysical. The intimate dimension cloaks itself of a tangible sensorial sphere that is construed through an immanent meaning and lets the viewer embrace a passive interpretation. This passive interpretation is part of the metaphysical dimension, whereby the viewer gives meaning to a reality that transcends any empirical concept.


Agnese Carbone, The Sky In His Hands, 2020 © Courtesy the artist and Looking for Art Gallery


Mattia Terribile (b. 1992) is an emerging photographer and a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts ACME in Milan. Influenced by the likes of Luigi Ghirri and Guido Guidi, Terribile seeks normality as an escape from contemporary society, where the subjects of his work are a reflection on authenticity, emotions without filters.


Mattia Terribile, Untitled, 2017 © Courtesy the artist and Looking for Art Gallery


Mattia Sanarico (b. 1998) is a photographer, sound designer and musical producer. Sanarico’s newest serie “Shapes over Colours” focuses on urban architecture and the oppressive nature of big urban conglomerates, used as a way to alienate life in modern cities. Buildings, grey and cold, project their distant and alienating presence onto urban life, with the subjects in the photographs often becoming decontextualised in the surrounding environment. Sanarico will also be debuting a solo show at Looking For Art Gallery from November 22 until November 28.


Mattia Sanarico, Costruzione Decostruita VI, 2021 © Courtesy the artist and Looking for Art Gallery


Do not miss Mattia Sanarico exhibition at Looking for Art, Via Romolo Gessi 28, from November 22nd to November 28th, 2021. 



Jacopo Papucci (b. 1995), is an English-Italian documentarist and street photographer. Papucci’s work and research delves into the sense of isolation and alienation in the relationship between man and the surrounding nature. Isolation and melancholy in Papucci’s work, often fosters a sense of contemplation and peace, given only by the total immersion of the subject in its surrounding environment. 


Jacopo Papucci, Social distancing, 2020 © Courtesy the artist and Looking for Art Gallery



Cover image: Agnese Carbone, Untitled, 2019. Courtesy Looking for Art.

Written by Darya Shojai Kaveh

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