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Mattia Terribile

1992 Martesana, Italy

5 Works exhibited

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Mattia Terribile was born in 1992 and grew up in contact with the tranquility of the Martesana. During high school he began to cultivate his passion for photography, first in digital and then in film, training to observe everyday life and beginning to investigate the concept of of "normality". He begins to attend Milan more and more often, experiencing trips to the city as great adventures that allows him to turn his gaze from the countryside to the severe geometries of the city. In 2016 He graduated in Multimedia Visual Communication at the Academy of Fine Arts ACME in Milan. The university years fuel his passion for the world of visual arts. Currently he carries on the work of videomaker and photographer giving expression to heterogeneous projects and relating to a pool of customers from different environments and sectors.

"The protagonists of the shots are places and bearers of stories that only some of us really want to look at and listen to. Behind every shot lies the perplexity of the viewers who often wonder why I chose to seek authentic ordinariness."

Works by Mattia Terribile

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