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Novi Ligure, Italy

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Paintings , Acrylic

98 x 110cm

620,00 €

Elysium #7


Paintings , Wood , Acrylic

65 x 60cm

390,00 €

Elysium #6


Paintings , Wood , Oil , Acrylic

65 x 60cm

390,00 €

Giulia Coda was born in Novi Ligure on the 25th of April 1994. She attended for four years the Art School C. Carrà in Valenza and then moved in Venice to attend the Academy of Fine Arts. In 2018 she obtained the Level I Diploma in Painting and Performing Arts, in 2020 obtained the Level II Diploma at the same Academy. "The artist, at the moment he creates his valid work of art, is able to magically understand both the outside world and himself". The above quote (Harold Rosenberg) succeeds in perfectly describing Giulia Coda's thoughts on art.



  • "Sistem Art", Contemporary Art Exhibition. Cael Gallery, via Carlo Tenca 11, Milan, 2020
  • Combat Prize 2020, Finalist Painting section, Museo Civico Giovanni Fattori, Livorno, 2020
  • "No one is too small to make a difference" Atelier 5 Collective Exhibition, ArtNight 2019. Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, 2019
  • Project StArt-Studi per l'Arte, solo exhibition at the studio Notarile Marianna Russo, Piazza Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour 4, Padova
  • "A luci quasi spente", group exhibition Atelier 5, ArtNight 2018. Venice Academy of Fine Arts. Venice, 2018
  • Paolina Brugnatelli Prize. Collaboration between the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice and the Academy of Fine Arts of Milan. Group exhibition at Capannone 36- Forte Marghera- Venice and Galleria Paolina Brugnatelli, Corso Buenos Aires, Milan, 2017
  • Open Laboratory of Painting and Drawing. Workshop and group exhibition curated by Carlo Di Raco and Martino Scavezzon at Capannone 35 of Forte Marghera, Venice, 2016-2018