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Dated Titled



30 x 25 cm
11.81 x 10 in







Oil on canvas.

1993 Catania, Italy

Giorgio Parisi aka ESO, was born in Catania in 1993. Already as a child he pointed out his artistic talent with small school drawings. He begins to work in high school thanks to commissions of both graphic and pictorial tables. In 2013 he won a graphics competition and joined the now well-known clothing brand "Dolly Noire" as a creative collaborator. In 2015, moving to Turin, he expanded his artistic vision and began his studies at the school of Comics in Turin, where he assumed the competence in illustration and editorial design and studied in depth the psychology of colors and their characteristics in marketing. The following year he begins to participate in the first group exhibitions in various Italian cities. He receives the first awards and publications such as inclusion in the Atlas of Contemporary Art published by DeAgostini. The artist continues to develop and elaborate his path and his artistic trait by trying more and more illustrative and pictorial techniques.

“In search of the simple and uniform way of life, which nature suggests. By clearly defining the traits that distinguish each semblant that is in constant contrast with his own ills, his own feelings that distract him from taking care of and listening to his own inner dimension. Signs and brushstrokes, as if to hide the person who never shows himself in his entirety, painting parts of the body, as if it were a still life, fragments of fake eyes, which look but do not see, as if to break down the subject, which is exposed but at the same time it hides, now far from the so desired inner balance. A balance that is rarely experienced when I paint is one of them. It almost becomes a way to "grasp the force and impose a shape on our dreams and desires".

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Milan, Via Romolo Gessi, 28

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