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Đorđe Ćorić

Vrbas, Serbia

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Works by Đorđe Ćorić

The Trace of Life 8



58.5 x 82.5 x 4cm

1100,00 €

The Trace of Life 4



58.5 x 81.5 x 4cm

1100,00 €

The Trace of Life 3



57.5 x 83 x 4cm

1100,00 €

The Trace of Life 2



65 x 98.5 x 4cm

1400,00 €

The conceptually aesthetic core of my art is relation with researching and understanding the human empathy in those relationships that we can build and destroy by chance, I versus Myself, the Me and You relationship and the Me relationship to the otherness of another person and the third person (We); the acceptance of the otherness of another person as the unique and unrepeatable, someone alike and different at the same time. The foundation of my artistic work is a big portrait format with all the details comprising the human character on their face. From my perspective, a human face is a matrix with the engraved lines, the cuts of life we can learn from, listen to and question the things about ourselves. The technique I apply is lino engraving combined with some elements of collagraphy. I called the series of portraits The Trace of Life. I believe that all of us, and each and every person on this planet, have their individual personal trace of life on their face. I am building my creation with plenty of details, under the impression that every single piece of wrinkle or scar tell a story of their own. While I am working, I tend to pay attention to a critical view of the human beings, for their misbehavior, the false etiquette, and the wrong attitude that are leading us all astray. I think we are about to lose a great deal of emotional capacity which is essential for the purity in the conversation among the people. This series of portraits is based on my conversational experience with the people I portrayed. The purity in conversation we are gifted with exists as one of the most important human features and their ability to act like human. However, the speed of this chaotic modern life is slowly tearing us up, and therefore The Trace of Life collection of portraits, has come out as a set of my emotional stories and those of others. It is about the acceptance, the understanding and the open-mindedness. It is about discovering the inner self by decoding the outer image and the exposed features. The outer image for me is the face – a personal map we all have to carry.

The Life seen as an opportunity and the Trace as its existing presence, an image passing without a change at the same time, and like the voice we all need to hear, or the text we have to read, the peace we all urge to feel and the battle we have to go through.

The Life as a chance and the Trace as its direct reflection.

Đorđe Ćorić was born in Vrbas, Serbia, on October 1, 1993. He lives and creates in Srbobran, a small municipal town in the northwest Serbia nearby the city of Novi Sad. He finishes the Bogdan Šuput College of Design in Novi Sad in 2012 as an art techniques graduate. The same year he enrolls the Academy of Arts, at the University of Novi Sad, and starts his studies at the Printmaking Department under Professor Slobodan Knežević. His bachelor studies were completed in 2016 when he was chosen for the reward of the best and most perspective student of his generation in art pedagogy and sent to summer studies further at the Sophia Printmaking Workshop in Macedonia.

Afterwards, he enrolls his master studies at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, at the Printmaking Department under Professor Radovan Jandrić. During the studies, he takes part in numerous presentations of art pedagogy and other related projects, media publications and competitions not only in Serbia but also in surrounding countries.The management board of the Printmaking Department chooses him for a technical associate at the department of printmaking at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad. In 2018, he joins the Erasmus + program for education and enrolls the six-month research studies at the Academy of Music and Visual Arts in Pécs, Hungary. During the same year he finishes his master’s studies at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, Serbia.

As for recent activities in the field of visual arts, he has participated in numerous art and educational projects and presentations in Serbia and abroad. He has won several prestigious scholarships granted by many countries, and won a few main redemption prizes for printmaking art. Furthermore, he has taken part with his fellow artists in more than fifty collective exhibitions (in Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, Spain, France, Belgium, the United States, Canada and Mexico). He has had his five individual exhibitions in Serbia and Italy. Since 2014, he has been a member of the organizational project called The Wandering Trace, founded by his professors at the Printmaking Department, within the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad. In 2018, he gets the membership in the Association of Artists of Vojvodina and becomes the member of honor in the Matica Srpska gallery due to his support and collaboration in number of their programs and project realizations. In January 2020 he held his masterclass in Italy (Trieste) where he was talking about his conceptual way of thinking and performed his printmaking technique. An Italian family from Trieste with a long artistic tradition invited him and offered the opportunity to be their art guest and to perform a masterclass of graphic art in their art home studio.

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2015 16th International biennial festival of portrait at the Ismet Mujezinović art gallery in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovin, public award for portrait

2016 10th EX-YU printmaking contest organized by the ULUS gallery in Belgrade, second redemption prize

2018 17th International biennial festival of portrait at the Ismet Mujezinović art gallery in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovin, first redemption prize