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Fulvio Dot

1956 Monfalcone, Italy

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The main characteristic of his artworks is the peculiar way he approaches their support, incorporating materials such as fabrics, iron, tar or plaster. In the last few years his work is being developed mainly on backpacks and military canvas, leaving belts and hooks on evidence in order to give tridimensionality to the painting.

Fulvio Dot Was born in 1956 in Monfalcone (Go), Italy. After completing his art studies in Gorizia, Italy, then he graduated in Architecture at the University of Venice. His very first art exhibition dates back to 1976 and, after that, he continued exhibiting his artworks in many important cities not only in Italy but all over the world. For a company based in Verona, he also created a collection of interior design items called “Easy by Fulvio Dot” which has been presented in many professional fairs across Europe.

He works and lives in Monfalcone, Italy. - Atelier: Corso del Popolo 31D

2013: “ZeroUno” Art Gallery, Barletta (IT) - “Rettori Tribbio” Art Gallery, Trieste (IT) - “La Serenissima” Gradisca d'Isonzo (IT) - “Asia Contemporary Art Show”, Hong Kong

2014: ”Affordable Art Fair”, Shangai

2015: “Eurantica Brussels Fine Art” Bruxelles (B) - “Vent Des Cimes” Art Gallery, Grenoble (FR) - “Antibes Art Fair” Antibes (FR) - “Salon de l'Art Contemporain Dijon” Dijon (FR) - Gallerie “Lacroix” Quebec (Canada) - “Rettori Tribbio” Art Gallery, Trieste (IT)

2016:”Art Up” Lille (FR) - “La Fortezza” Art Gallery, Gradisca d'Isonzo (IT) - “Art BaHo “ Barcelona (E) - “Nou milleni” Art Gallery, Barcelona (E)

2017: “Rettori Tribbio” Art Gallery, Trieste (Italy) - “Artsenal”, Malaga (E) - “Vent des Cimes” Art Gallery, Grenoble (FR)

2018 : “Venice art expo” - Gallerie “Lacroix” Quebec (Canada)

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