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La Spezia

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Works by Carlo Sciff

Lo stilita - Taedium vitae


Design , Mixed Media

168 x 68cm

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Arbiter elegantiarum


Design , Mixed Media

100 x 80cm

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Bolscioi - Periculum in mora


Design , Mixed Media

140 x 100cm

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SCIFF's paintings are without a doubt Pop and Pop Art of the sixties that reproduce images coming from advertising, commodity of products, mass media models and popular sterotypes.
The artist translates everything following two tracks that are always present in each of his works and consistently characterize a process that began in adulthood, tied to a lifetime of work in the field of design, in close contact with people such as Vico Magistretti.
If the industrial design results in a predisposition to linearity and chromatic harmony, the two focuses of the SCIFF research are, on the one hand an irony that desecrates the basic elements of the twenieth century Pop Art, where nothing was being questioned, and on the other hand the performance of a classical culture that drives him to affix to each painting or sculpture, a brightly colored sticker bearing a Latin motto. "These open wide famous phrases, suddenly a opening onto the classical culture of SCIFF, a completely different world that is foreign to the present Pop", comments Martina Corgnati, art critic.