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CB Hoyo

1995 Havana, Cuba

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CB Hoyo was born in 1995 in Havana, Cuba. At a young age, he immigrated to the Dominican Republic and now lives in Europe.
His artistic process began as a child when he started interpreting the world through his paintings. Over the past few years, his work has increased in stature.

A self-trained artist, CB Hoyo continually produces works that celebrate life itself. Fresh, colorful, and fun are three words that easily describe his creations.
Working with any medium on any material, the artist uses a mixture of art historical trends but always incorporates his unique voice.
CB Hoyo is making a proper mark on the current art scene by playfully questioning artistic authenticity and monetary value in an era defined by fake news and social media.

Some of his works are exhibited in private and public collections in 6 continents.


​Nov. 2019, (Forthcoming) Two person solo show "Out of Line" with Giampiero Romanó: Plan X; Milan, Italy

May. 2019, This is Not an Art Show; 58th Venice Biennale; Venice, Italy

Apr. 2019, Nothing is Real Nothing is Fake It's all Relative; Antwerp, Belgium 

Sept. 2018, CB Hoyo , Istanbul Fakeover, Istanbul, Turkey

Aug. 2018, Plan X Gallery: Fake in Capri, Capri, Italy

Jul. 2018,  CB Hoyo, Made in China: Hong Kong

Apr. 2018,  One Arts Club: Fake Like Judas: Milan, Italy

Feb. 2018,  Keeping It Real: IMITATE MODERN: London, UK

Jul. 2017,  Fake Rothko: Imitate Modern: London UK


​Jun. 2020 (Forthcoming)  Krause Gallery, New York, NY, USA

Dec 2019 (Forthcoming) The Art Plug Power House : Marcel Katz Miami, FL, USA 

Oct. 2019 Galeria Impakto: Leer por el Reverso, Lima Peru 

2019 Plan X Gallery: Don't be Average, Be savage; Milan, Italy

2019 Krause Gallery: “Emerging to Established”  New York, NY, USA

2018 - 2019 All The Rage - Urban Art Exhibition Taipei, Taiwan


2018, Fantastic World; GR Gallery,New York, NY, USA

2018, Subversion; Tax Collection x New Street gallery Paris, France

2018,Real Fakes: Krause Galler, New York, NY, USA

2018, Krause Gallery: “Emerging to Established” New York, NY, USA
2018 Kips Bay Decorator Show House ,Philip Mitchell Design: New York, NY, USA

2018 Summer Editions: Imitate Modern: London, UK 


2018  Down The Rabit Hole: IMITATE MODERN London, UK

2018  UNA: The Art of Giving Back: Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic

2018 AREA: Bacanal (Fake Reality):Boston, MA, USA

2018 Papi Chulo: Krause Gallery: New York, NY, USA

2018 Emerging to Established:Krause Gallery New York, NY, USA

2018 The Art Plug's Valentine Day Pickes: Marcel Katz: Miami, FL, USA

​2017 2018 Mood Swings: Marcel Katz, Oliver Cole Gallery:Miami, FL, USA​

2017 Christmas Show: The Return of the Pop IMITATE MODERN:London, UK

2017 ING Discerning Eye Exhibition: ING & Discerning Eye: London, UK

2017 R.APE: FerArts: London, UK

2017 Brest Cancer Awernes Month: Marcel Katz: Miami, FL, USA

2017 Re: Creations: Imitate Modern: London UK

2017 Summer Edition: Imitate Modern: London UK

2017 Fake Rothko: Imitate Modern: London UK

2017 Emerging to Established: Krause Gallery: New York, NY, USA

2016 Kanye Loves Kanye: The Most Famous Artist: Los Angeles, CA, USA​


Dec 2019 (Forthcoming) Scope Miami: Imitate Modern Miami, FL, USA 

2019 Perú Arte Contemporáneo :Galeria Impakto; Lima, Peru

2019 Art Lima: Galeria Impakto; Lima, Peru

2019 Art Palm Beach: The Art Plug; Palm Beach, FL, USA

2018 Scope Miami: Imitate Modern Miami, FL, USA

2018 Art Élysées, GALERIE GERALDINE ZBERRO: Paris, France

2018 Scope Basel, One Arts Club: Basel, Switzerland  

2018 Art Palm Beach:Marcel KatzPalm Beach, FL, USA​

2017 Moniker Art Fair: Imitate Modern; London, UK 

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