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Ondina Altran

Gorizia, Italy

17 Works exhibited on Kooness

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Ondina Altran's landscape representations are made with mixed media on paper. Observing her works, the eye is drawn to the expressionistic stroke employed to define the features of her natural subjects, the lines unfold and intersect generating deep opaque tangles.

Between the full and empty spaces, mirrors of water, fauna and flora come to life; they are swamps, marshes and ponds that are outlined in their immobility.
The creative and at times chaotic gesture defines contours and depth, thus drawing on a concept of Greek mythology according to which the chaotic act generates order. The mimic chaos of the creative act, which transcends the boundaries of the work, shapes without limits the extra-temporal and self-defined reality, immutable and immobile.

The artist was born in Monfalcone in 1958. Eclectic artist, in the course of her career she has ranged between singing, music and painting; as far as her production in the field of visual art is concerned, she started her exhibition activity in 2015 with some group exhibitions and she also exhibited her works in solo exhibitions. 

2018, she won the first prize of the XXV "Proteo Hirst" Trophy.


-Permanent collection at 1758 Venice Art studio, Venice

-"Deams & Vision" at Soletta di San Zaccaria, Venice;

-"One hundred years of facing the Isonzo" Galleria Rika, Debenjak in Kanal, Slovenia;

-"The seasons of the woman" at Sala Del Bianco in Staranzano (Gorizia).

-"MITTAC - Sconfinamenti creativi dal XIII merdiano" MIIT - Torino