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The Trace of Life 3


Single piece Signed Dated Titled

From the series The Trace of Life



83 x 57.5 x 4 cm
32.68 x 23 x 1.57 in







My dad. With his story I started to think about my concept and what is actually The Trace of Life for me as a topic. During his life he was broadly open soul for the others. He has big emotion inside of him. He has had heavy childhood. His father was alcoholic. During his life he had huge emotional battle between consequences from childhood and getting normal emotional life in contemporaneity. He was giving everything for us. Now, he has Alzheimer’s disease. He is losing in one huge life battle, but in the other way his is winner in his lost fight. He started to losing his abilities for thinking, speaking, moving, feeling... but he wants to say something despite of everything. He is now naked emotion. Like child, but in suit of grown man. Some people are here from him, but some people rejected him. Because of that I have started to think about older persons, what they have to say, what they have on their faces, what we can hear, read and  learn if we look carefully in their faces... and their soul. People are open, but they have fear. Are we hear to fearing from each other?

Color... from dirty yellow to shiny yellow and after that until a pure white... his soul is like that. The raising life energy. Why yellow? In book „Old Goriot” by Honore de Balzac’s I have found a lot of pure similarities between Goriot and my dad. And, in that book you can find a wonderful explanation about dirty smell of yellow painted kitchen of one hostel in Paris in that time... that smell was smell of human souls. Goriot was different.

I wanted to show contrast between color and soul, but in process of fading - color, portrait, soul and emotion are becoming one part and finding each other...

1993 Vrbas, Serbia

The conceptually aesthetic core of my art is relation with researching and understanding the human empathy in those relationships that we can build and destroy by chance, I versus Myself, the Me and You relationship and the Me relationship to the otherness of another person and the third person (We); the acceptance of the otherness of another person as the unique and unrepeatable, someone alike and different at the same time. The foundation of my artistic work is a big portrait format with all the details comprising the human character on their face. From my perspective, a human face is a matrix with the engraved lines, the cuts of life we can learn from, listen to and question the things about ourselves. The technique I apply is lino engraving combined with some elements of collagraphy. I called the series of portraits The Trace of Life. I believe that all of us, and each and every person on this planet, have their individual personal trace of life on their face. I am building my creation with plenty of details, under the impression that every single piece of wrinkle or scar tell a story of their own. While I am working, I tend to pay attention to a critical view of the human beings, for their misbehavior, the false etiquette, and the wrong attitude that are leading us all astray. I think we are about to lose a great deal of emotional capacity which is essential for the purity in the conversation among the people. This series of portraits is based on my conversational experience with the people I portrayed. The purity in conversation we are gifted with exists as one of the most important human features and their ability to act like human. However, the speed of this chaotic modern life is slowly tearing us up, and therefore The Trace of Life collection of portraits, has come out as a set of my emotional stories and those of others. It is about the acceptance, the understanding and the open-mindedness. It is about discovering the inner self by decoding the outer image and the exposed features. The outer image for me is the face – a personal map we all have to carry.

The Life seen as an opportunity and the Trace as its existing presence, an image passing without a change at the same time, and like the voice we all need to hear, or the text we have to read, the peace we all urge to feel and the battle we have to go through.

The Life as a chance and the Trace as its direct reflection.

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