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Adriana Rigonat

Trieste, Italy

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Adriana Rigonat's works are made with mixed media on paper, executed with acrylic paints, pastels and charcoals; these pictorial practices are mixed, in her latest production, with photographic collage techniques. Adriana Rigonat tries to use the photographic image as an instrument of her palette as an indefinable colour that comes to us like an emotional frequency that speaks of the memory of the body.
The protagonists of the works are undoubtedly the shadows without identity that run across the canvas and relate to the realistic photographic impressions. The latter becomes a representation of the memories of those painted shadows themselves; they are the expression of personal and subjective memory that the artist highlights and defines, modifying them graphically by implementing a subjective rewriting of memory. The artist lets everyone enter in her works and, although they are sewn on the experience of another, they become paradoxically familiar to the observer.

The artist was born in Trieste in 1949. She lives and works there, where she began her career as a painter by studying with authoritative local masters. Her works have been exhibited in almost two hundred exhibitions, including collective and personal, in Italy and abroad. His pictorial research is often presented in thematic projects with social background, in collaboration with active realities on the territory. She has received numerous national awards and her works are present in public and private collections.

  • 2015 – Solo exhibition “C’era una volta” (“Once upon a time”), SB.Art,Torino, Italy – curated by Isabella Bembo.
  • 2016 – Solo exhibition “Echi” (“Echoes”), Lux Art Gallery, Trieste, Italy - curated by Isabella Bembo.
  • 2016 - Solo exhibition “Femmineo”, Autonomous Region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Liaison Office in Brussels - curated by Isabella Bembo.
  • 2018 - Solo exhibition “Un si bel espoir”, Civic Museum of Art Ricchieri, Pordenone, Italy -  catalogue by the Regional Council of Friuli-Venezia Giulia.
  • 2018 - Solo exhibition “Logos”, TivarnellArt Consulting, Trieste, Italy – curated by Enea Chersicola.                                                                             
  • 2020 - Solo exhibition “L’intermittenza del ricordo”, TivarnellArt Consulting, Trieste, Italy - curated by Enea Chersicola.                                           
  • 2020 - Collective exhibition "Eptameron", TivarnellArt Consulting, Trieste, Italy - curated by Enea Chersicola and Samantha Benedetti.                 
  • 2020 - Solo exhibition, "MIITTAC - Sconfinamenti creativi dal XIII meridiano", MIIT Torino