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Elena Faleschini de Corato

1944 Udine, Italy

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Elena Faleschini de Corato after training under the guidance of Dino Basaldella, Giovanni Grimaldi and Aldo Lucatello, she specialized in gold working with the gold master Sergio Mazzola.

She started exhibiting in 1971, and she won a lot of competitions. She perfected at the art school “G. da Udine” with Luigi Perisinotto, Emlio Caucig, Licia Annibaldi and Raimondo Jesse. In 1976 she temporarily abandoned the sculpture world to dedicate herself to professional gold working. Since 1993 she has taken part in several personal and collective exhibitions. Her works are displayed in various public buildings in Friuli Venezia Giulia, Umbria, Sardegna, Molise as well as in Austria and England; some of them are part of several private Italian and foreign collections.

Her artistic research leads her to explore different materials and languages, but she always stays loyal to her expressive world and her artistic project. She lives and works in Tricesimo, in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

I live my works.

My body is not a mere instrument of thoughts, it is an expression of emotions. Through movement the line starts and frees itself, it starts and runs without interruptions, making us feel the action and the harmony with sinuosity and elegance.

Straight cuts, sharp edges manifest themselves and are seen like disharmony, frustration and suffering.

Compendio artisti “Parole e Silenzi” Centro Arti Plstiche - Udine
Biblioteca Cominiana “Arte Contemporanea” - Pordenone
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Blended Editrice “Solo Arte” – Vicenza
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La voce dell'arte - Edimond 2003
Croce Rossa Italiana “Calendario 2005”
Caldo cuore di pietra - Raccolta - Penner Editore 2009
Rassegna Regionale D'Arte - Centro Friulano Arti Plastiche  2010
Filologica Friulana   “Tresesin ad Tricensimum” NumeromUnico 2011
Art e Paradigma "Casa dei Carraresi" Fondazione Cassamarca 2012
Il volto gentile dell'arte nella Patria del Friuli  - Provincia di Udine -Assessorato alla Cultura 2012
Annuario 2013 Artistar - Fausto Lupetti editore 2013
“Parole dell’Arte”  della Dott.ssa Victoria Dragone 2017

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