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The second edition of Un(fair) will open its doors to the public tomorrow, and it will enliven the city of Milan until Sunday. Kooness editorial team is delighted to present you with a selection of fascinating artworks that cannot be missed. 

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From tomorrow until this Sunday, the city of Milan will be enlivened by the unconventional art fair un(fair) that will take place at the Superstudio Maxi. With an extensive calendar of events, workshops, performances and talks, the fair will expose a selection of 70 galleries with a worldwide provenance, presenting both emerging and established artists. Aimed at next-gen collectors un(fair) will be focused on current themes and issues such as sustainability, inclusivity, gender equality and cultural diversity. 
With this article, we would like to give you some tips on how to make the most of your visit to the fair without missing any of the most interesting artists and fresh works.
A PICK GALLERY will present to the public the politicized and active works of the Botswanan artist LegakwanaLeo Makgekgenene. Through her digital photomontages, such as the two portraits MmaMolao II and Mokapelo, the artist wants to oppose cultural censorship and the restrictions of toxic traditionalism. She criticizes the state apparatus and sociological structures, confronting the evolution of women's movements in Botswana. 

LegakwanaLeo Makgekgenene, MmaMolao II, 2021, courtesy of A PICK GALLERY

Another interesting female artist represented by the Italian gallery Alketa Art & Aiello Pini, is Federica Aiello Pini. Her artistic practice is based on the use of mixed techniques, such as acrylics, pastels and pencils, and collages on old papers. In this way pieces from the past meet new artistic elements and the life possibilities they bring. Collage acts indeed as a catalyst for the fusion of different times, places, and feelings. 

Federica Aiello Pini, Penelope IV, 2022, courtesy of Alketa Art & Aiello Pini

Similarly, to Federica Aiello Pini, even the Italian artist Paolo Casazza investigates the sense of time and the immanence of deterioration. With the series “Luoghi per perdersi” shown at the silviarossi | artgallery’s booth, he tries to represent an attitude of escape from reality, using the painted dots present in all of his works as a visual tension aimed at symbolizing a trajectory, a flight. 

Paolo Casazza, Luoghi per perdersi, 2023, courtesy of silviarossi | artgallery

The online art gallery EOTW Gallery, presents works by the Danish artist Rikke Darling where floating, living shapes become a visual narrative of how man is both nature and part of a complex universal pattern, where the surroundings merge with feelings, emotions and thoughts.
The sinuosity and harmony of the parts within the triptych Composition is a metaphor for the intrinsic bond between the external and internal structures of creation and how the macrocosm is always reflected in the microcosm.

Rikke Darling, Composition, 2023, courtesy of EOTW Gallery

Finally, the Italian sculpture Simone Negri, shown at the ESH Gallery’s booth, investigates the potentiality of the ceramic medium through personal research on high-temperature single firing.
Again, the concept of time is the expressive focus of his work. Indeed, simple, and pure archaic forms which remind us of the oriental culture, as in Accadimento #141, are decorated with shades and streaks of blue pigment that recall the layering and transformation induced by the passage of time. 

Simone Negri, Accadimento #141, 2023, courtesy of ESH Gallery

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Cover image: Rikke Darling, Sky View, 2023, courtesy of EOTW Gallery
Written by Maria Sprenger

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