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Luoghi per perdersi


Single piece


30 x 40 cm
12 x 15.75 in







1983 Saronno, United States

Paolo Casazza was born in Saronno in 1983. After obtaining a diploma in Art from the high school in Varese, he pursued studies at the graphics and communication school “Arte&Messaggio” founded by Bruno Munari in Milan. Although he had always been painting, he primarily focused on graphic design until the first lockdown, which led him to approach painting full-time. He explains, “In the face of a historic trauma and through the wound, man reacts to the need to rediscover himself; guided by the manual thought of making art, I recognized the privilege of losing myself and, in the natural propensity for elsewhere, I skirted the usual facade of the world as one flees the fierce enemy...”

“My work is consolidated around a sense of temporality and the immanence of the resulting deterioration, as well as an escapist attitude of escape from reality. The same painted dots that disturb all the works, and that seem illusorily to rise from the surfaces of the paintings, play a role of visual tensions aimed at symbolizing a trajectory, a flight.”

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Bibbiena (AR), Via G. Borghi 80

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