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Single piece Signed


100 x 150 cm
39 x 59.06 in







, United States

Artist's Statement:

My art entails a confidence in the power of abstraction, the complex and the subtle, where something inarticulated in us is met with an inspiring energy. With my art I wish to move the observer with my outlook on the nature in human – and human in nature. It is a visual narrative of how man is nature and part of a complex universal pattern, where surroundings, on an energy level, merge with sensation, emotions and thoughts.


In my art I use the flow of nature, where large amounts of water make shapes floating and alive. I use the laws of nature to create movement and cracks. Branches shoot forward like new beginnings and follow the universal pattern of fractal budding. Cells are the building blocks of nature and the foundation of life. Everything alive consists of cells. The human body is in constant change from the first cell formation, where stem cells are the foundation of our complex organism.


The macrocosm is reflected by the microcosm, structures outside relate to structures inside. Life forms consist of structures that life itself is structuring. Life is a process, so is art. It’s all about life”. –Rikke Darling

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Virtual Gallery,

The world is constantly evolving, everything around us changes more or less rapidly but it changes. Change can be positive or negative, it can please us or not, but evolution is unstoppable. It sounds like a cliché but it is up to us to decide whether to ride these opportunities for change or be at the mercy of them. ...

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