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Lucia Simone

1986 Perugia, Italy

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Lucia Simone was born in Perugia (IT) in 1986, where she began to study art and music. In 2010, she graduated from the Accademia Di Belle Arti in Rome, where in 2013 she successively completed in painting and direct engraving. In 2009 she composed the original music for the short film “Love Conquers Mountains” by Fernanda Moneta. In 2012 she won a scholarship in painting as assistant to Gianfranco Notargiacomo, who held the teaching post in painting at the Accademia Di Belle Arti in Rome. She was responsible for teaching basic art techniques. Her works are present in the Archive of the Italian Engravers of Bagnacavallo, in the Archive of the Aqui International Biennal for engraving, in the private collection Archanes 6 (Heraklion, Creta, GR), and in the Sixth Repertoire of Italian Engravers. She has won several awards including an artist residence, third Prize of the International FIG Bilbao, she has exhibited in various museums including MACRO La Pelanda (RM - IT), Austrian Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art, and prestigious venues such as Palazzo Montecitorio and Palazzo Vecchio for the Premio Firenze. A solo exhibition of particular importance was “Uncanny” at the Interzone gallery (RM - IT) where the observer was led to face his own weaknesses by looking at digital and pictorial work which include disturbing content wrapped in a seemingly comforting representation. This research developed into “Consumed Reality” at Fondamenta gallery, which was covered in depth in the Inside Art Magazine of December 2018. An artist residence at the MACRO (Museo Arte Contemporanea Roma) , includes live painting and an exhibition of her works in one of the museum’s ateliers (December 2 - 9, 2019). Gian Ruggero Manzoni, Cecilia Casorati and Viola Di Grado have written critical texts about her work. She lives and works in Rome.



Lucia Simone's art fixes the moment of psychic emergency: the instant when things, faces, emotions are about to fade or already gone, hence what we have to attend as human beings inhabiting time is nothing more than left-overs, the allarmed cry of those things that must persist, defyning us, trying to find their place in the bitter shades or the subconscious.

As she declared:

"It starts from my need to develop a language capable of expressing complex mental and emotional states. I use the suggestive power of images and, more generally, the media I find most suitable to express my thought in a specific context. I basically collect vintage photos, chosen for their evocative power,or advertising poster from the 1950’s, and then I rewrite their meaning using digital collage. Eventually, but not necessarily, I paint canvases of the results I get by deforming and scratching the subjects’ faces. The perception of mystery or magic is more related to the meaning of Das Unheimliche, the Uncanny, my aim is to break the taboo of unsettling appearance, because what unsettles – and deceives – me is my being involuntarily drawn to it: ‘The Uncanny is a kind of fright which goes back to something we’ve known for a long time, to what’s familiar to us’, as Sigmund Freud wrote in 1919 in his The Uncanny."


Consumed Reality, Fondamenta gallery, 24 January - 1 February, Rome, IT, 2019;
Uncanny, 7-31 March 2018, Interzone galleria, Rome, IT, 2018;
Ashes, 16 - 30 September, NVMEN space, Rome, IT, 2017;
The Colors Are The Real Inhabitants of Space, curated by Cecilia Casorati, 17 June - 2 July, contemporary
art gallery Monogramma, Rome, IT, 2016.



2018 - Big Awards 2018, Barcellona, ES;
Canova Art Prize, New York, USA, 2018;
51st Vasto Prize of Contemporary Art, Landscapes Beyond the Landscape - For a Contemporary “Sublime”, curated by Silvia Pergoraro, 21 July - 7 October , Palazzo Aragona, Vasto, IT, 2018;
Rospigliosi Art Prize, Roma, IT;
ArtBox.Project New York 1.0, semifinalist, Stricoff Gallery, 5 - 16 March, New York, USA;
Lol, PH21 Gallery, 21 December – 13 January, Budapest, Hungary;
Fantasmi Di Luce - Estetiche visionarie da Michetti al presente - Seventieth anniversary of the Michetti
Prize, curated by Silvia Pergoraro, 16 December – 25 February, Michetti Museum, Francavilla al Mare, IT;
Photocraft, 15 - 24 December, Galleria Interzone, Rome, IT;
Biennale MarteLive, 5 - 10 December, Planet space, Rome, IT;
All Art +, 24 November - 1 December, Van Der Plas gallery, New York, USA;
Roma, Contatto gallery, 24 November - 1 December, Rome, IT;
Autumn Salon Vienna, International Contemporary Art Exhibition, 7 – 10 September, Austrian Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art, Wienn, AT, 2017;
Take Five, 9 December - 11 January, Monogramma, Rome, IT, 2017;
Vo(L)to di Donna, project shows Chamber of Deputies, Palazzo Montecitorio, Sala della Regina, curated by Silvia Pergoraro, 1° December – 18 January, Rome, IT, 2017;
Combat Prize, 25 June - 16 July, Civic Museum G. Fattori, Livorno, IT, 2016;
Mirror Face to Face, Italian and Macedonian Artist, curated by Valeria Bertesina and Vlado Goreski, International Graphic Triennal Bitola Institute and Museum, 23 March - 20 April, Bitola, MK;
International Print Awards, Prize F.I.G. Bilbao & Prize Acqui Terme, D’arT museum , 8 - 24 April, Cagliari, IT, 2016;
Prize young engravers | Bagnacavallo 2015, 18 December - 14 Febbruary, Civic Museum, Bagnacavallo, Ravenna, IT;
Lynx Prize, Trieste - Lux Art Gallery (IT), Ajdovščina - gallery Lokarjeva (SL), Sala degli Archi della
Fortezza Nuova, Livorno, IT;
FIG Bilbao, Festival Internacional de Grabado Contemporaneo, Bilbao, ES;
Prize Firenze, Palazzo Vecchio, Salone dei Cinquecento, 6 December, Florence, IT;
Adrenalina Prize, 1 September - 22 November, La Pelanda - Museo Macro di Testaccio / Civic Museum, Marino, Rome, IT;
Dimensioni, curated by Daniela Accorsi, 30 November - 15 January, AccorsiArte gallery, Turin, IT;
Romance, curated by Tiziana Musi, 17 September - 5 October, Temple University, Rome, IT;
XI edition della International Biennial For Engraving – Prize Acqui, 15 June - 7 July, Acqui Terme, Alessandria, IT;
Nuovo Spazio AccorsiArte, curated by Daniela Accorsi, 1 - 22 June, AccorsiArte gallery, Turin, IT;
Artefatto Soft Power - International Exhibition Under 35, 24 May - 16 June, Civic Museum Revoltella, Trieste, IT;
Flyenergia Prize, curated by Gian Ruggero Manzoni, 20 May - 6 June, Deodato Arte gallery, Milan, IT;
Gorlago Prize, 25 May - 2 June, municipal civic hall, Gorlago, Bergamo, IT;
International Biennial of Contemporary Art ArtBrescia, 2 March - 29 May, Diocesan Museum, Brescia, IT;
I Colori dell’Anima, curated by Daniela Accorsi, 23 Febbruary - 14 March, AccorsiArte gallery, Turin, IT;
Prize for Academies “L’arte Genera L’arte”, Prize Terna & Accademia Nazionale Santa Cecilia, Rome, IT;
Adrenalina Prize, 15 November - 2 December, Museum of Contemporary Art Rome (MACRO La Pelanda), Rome, IT;
Eureka Prize, 15 - 23 December, Diocesan Museum, Terni, IT;
Lanci Prize, 30 September - 20 October, Caffè Letterario Giubbe Rosse, Florence, IT;
Combat Prize, 22 - 30 June, Civic Museum Giovanni Fattori, Livorno, IT;
X edition International Biennial for Engraving – Prize Acqui, 19 June - 7 July, Acqui Terme, Alessandria, IT.



Art Market Budapest, International Art Fair, 3th-6th October 2019;
Paratissima Art Photo Fair, Milano, 2018;
Affordable Art Fair Seoul 2016;
Fiera d’arte di Genova, Contemporary Art Talent Show, 14th - 17th Febryary 2014.
Paratissima Art Photo Fair, Milan, IT;
Affordable Art Fair Seoul 2016;
Genoa Art Fair, Contemporary Art Talent Show, February, 2014.



Atelier #3, MACRO ASILO (Museo Arte Contemporanea), 3th - 8th December 2019;
La Zona/the neighborhood, Casa Falconieri, Cagliari. Obtained on the occasion of the 3rd International Engraving Fig Award Bilbao.

2018 - Inside Art magazine #115, edit. Inside Art, 2018;
2018 - Uncanny - Lucia Simone, Deadroads 4 - Interzone Galleria, Rome, edit. Blurb;
2018 - Combat Prize 2018, Livorno, edit. Sillabe;
2016 - Combat Prize 2016, Livorno, edit. Sillabe;
2015 - Linx Prize, Trieste, edit. Franco Rosso Editore;
2013 - VI repertoire of Italian Engravers, Faenza (RA), edit. Faenza;
2013 - Premio Aqui, XI edition International Biennial for Engraving, San Giuliano Milanese, edit. Mazzotta;
2011 - Aqui Prize, X edition International Biennial for Engraving, San Giuliano Milanese, edit. Mazzotta;
2012 - Combat Prize 2012, Livorno, edit. Sillabe.

2009 Kunstart 2009 Second Prize “The Glocal Rookie of the Year”, Borsa di studio presso la KunstArt di Merano.
2007 Premio Fabbri Acquisizione opera.
2007 Acquisizione opera presso il Museo d’Arte Contemporanea di Palazzo Forti, Verona.
2005 Premio Celeste Primo premio Fotografia.
2004 XXXVII Premio Vasto, Premio acquisizione opera.

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