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Works by Stane Jagodič

Will Power II (I–III)


48 x 54cm


Triumph Arch of Life I


80 x 65cm


Triumph Arch of Life Il


80 x 65cm


Yoo Too


60 x 70cm

Arc of Life


50 x 50cm

Tinned time


13 x 17cm

As an artist, Stane Jagodič (1943, Slovenia) has been active in various fields, media and contexts of visual art since the mid-1960s. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana in 1970, he soon became one of the most active and prominent artists in Yugoslavia, due to his distinguishable artistic expression. In his continuously developing body of work, he has adopted several different concepts of artistic production using various artistic media such as photography, painting, graphics, cartoons, performance, assemblages and object art (installations). Ever since 1967 Stane Jagodič has been exploring artistic photography and some of its creative derivates like photomontage and photo collage, which are the most significant in his artistic production.

Stane Jagodič was a co-founder and conceptual leader of Grupa Junij, active between 1970 and 1985. It worked as a broad artistic platform that included a number of prominent local and international artists. As an independent artist, Stane Jagodič participated in more than 50 solo and more than 200 group exhibitions worldwide. He lives and works in Ljubljana.

Important Solo Exhibitions: 

1975: City Art Gallery, Ljubljana (curators: Stane Bernik, Božena Plevnik)
1978: Labirint Gallery, Ljubljana (curators: Stane Bernik, Mica Planinc)
1979: Emona Gates Gallery 'Abstract Vision', Ljubljana (curator: Peter Krečič)
1979: Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje (curator: Darko Marković)
1979: Idrija Gallery, Idrija (curators: Ivan Sedej, Jurij Bavdaž)
1980: Dušan Kveder Pavilion, Ptuj (curator: Marjeta Ciglenečki)
1984: Becić Gallery, Slavonski Brod (curator: Stanislav Dasović)
1986: Junij Gallery, Ljubljana (curator: Lev Menaše)
1997: Ljubljanska Bank Hall Gallery – 'European Cultural Month Ljubljana', Ljubljana (curator: Milček Komelj)
2002: The Ljubljana Castle – Pentagonal Tower and Courtyard, Ljubljana (curator: Barbara Sterle Vurnik)
2008: Photon Gallery, 'X-Ray Art' (1972–1998), Ljubljana (curator: Miha Colner)
2008: Jakopič Gallery, 'Zoo Poetics' (1963-2008), Ljubljana(curators: Blaž Peršin, Marija Skočir)
2011: Nessim Gallery, 'X-Ray Men' - Symposium France – Hungary of Radiologie,with Hajdu Jozsef and Marc Ferrante, Budapest (curator: Miha Colner, Suranyi Mihaly)
2013 Gallery of Prešern Award Winners, 'Ars Nucleus', Kranj (curator: Marko Arnež, Lev Menaše)
2013: Photon Gallery, 'The Believer of Light', Vienna (curator: Dejan Sluga)
2013: Photon Galley, Variations of Photography, Ljubljana (curator: Miha Colner)
2013: Art Market Budapest 13, with Marko Lipuš, Budapest (curator: Dejan Sluga)
2014 Photon Gallery, 'Ghosts of DADA', with: Roberto Kusterle and Ladislav Postupa, Vienna (curator: Dejan Sluga)
2015: Savin Art Saloon, 'Dialog: Lavrenčič- Jagodič', Žalec (curator: Alenka Domjan)
2015: Gallery Ung Art, 'Photomagic', with Gabor Kerekes and Branko Lenart, Vienna (curator: Dejan Sluga)
2016: Gallery of Art Museum of Montenegro - Atelier DADO Gallery, 'Variantos of Photography 1969-1980', Cetinje (Curator: Miha Colner)
2018: Kresija Gallery, Ljubljana ,“Spiritus Poeticus” assemblage, collage, scenography 1969-2017 (organization: Tamara Vodopivec, Mateja Veble)