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Born in 1952 in Frauenfeld (Switzerland) where she still lives and works, Simone Kappeler began taking photographs at the age of 11 year-old. After studying German literature and art history, she attended the Zurich University of the Arts in photography major. In 1981, she began a four-month journey through the U.S. driving an old Gran Torino. During her road trip, she took black and white and color pictures with toy cameras like a Diana. With these images, rediscovered only in 2010, we dive into a world of sensations, a personal representation of what the United States were thirty years ago, long before the Bush era and the invention of the internet and mobile phones. Since 1970, Simone Kappeler explores all types of photographic techniques using Leica, Diana, Brownie, Polaroid, disposable camera, outdated or infrared film. Her photographs, both experimental and poetic, reveal a strangely foreign world that surrounds us. Her work has been gathered in a first monograph Seile. Fluss. Nacht. Fotografien 1964-2011, published by Hatje Cantz and is regularly exhibited in Europe and the United States.