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Works by Alex Angi

Plastic virus



50 x 50cm

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Plastic Invasor N.16



40 x 40 x 40cm

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Born on 1965 in Cannes, France, Alex Angi is a member of Cracking Art group. Alex Angi is an international artist known as member of Cracking Art as well as an indivual artist. He is inspired by the relationship between natural and artificial with the purpose of representing the present historical reality by using recycled materials, plastic mainly, which is the contemporaneity matter. The result is a series of colourful plastic explosions, artworks with an extraordinary expressive strenght at a both structural and chromatic level. He exhibited in various galleries and museums, among which Freies Museum in Berlin, Show-off Art Fair 2011 in Paris, Vercelli-Arca Guggenheim, Magda Danysz Gallery in Paris and in Shangai with "Meccanorganic" (2012).