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Costanza Colloni - 27 Jul 2015

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Many of the works by Sol LeWitt have not been seen since they were made in the 1970s. For the first time one of them - Wall Drawing 7A (1969-2015) - has been fully installed at the Botín Foundation in Santander, northern Spain. This instalation among with other 16 wall drawings  will be exhibit until 10 January 2016. 

 Sol LeWitt, Wall Drawing 1136


"His work seems to have no temporality" said Benjamin Weil, the artistic director of the private foundation, is the co-curator of the exhibition along with John Hogan, Yale University Art Gallery's director of Installations and Archivist of wall drawings. 

Choosing 17 works from among the 1,200 that the US Conceptual artist created was a curatorial challenge. They have focused on early works, although the show includes examples from the late 1990s.


 Sol LeWitt, Wall Drawing #879


Meanwhile, the Fundación Botín is building a Renzo Piano-designed cultural centre on Santander’s waterfront. Under construction since 2011, Weil says that good progress is being made. "It is very advanced," he says but the artistic director is still waiting for the architect and the contractors to confirm a completion date. "Maybe it's a year away, or a bit more," he says. 


Fundación Botín

Calle Pedrueca, 1, 39003

Santander, Cantabria, Spagna

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