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730 EUR
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Contorsione 2





60 x 40 cm
24 x 15.75 in







Oil on Canvas

Artwork realised for the artist's personal show Intro (2022)

1990 Firenze, Italy

In 1990, Nian was born and, together with her, her feminine universe. The Florentine artist affirms with conviction the sacred dimension of the intimate femininity, investigating the plurality of its declinations. Generative and mystical, gathered in twisted poses, her shy creatures suspend space and time in the complicit search for a state of silence. Between magical realism and primitivism, Nian’s figurative painting takes place in alienated environments suggested by the artist’s lucid dreams and ongoing stylistic evolution. In the studio and on the street, their identity is palpable: in the softness of lines, in the harmonization of emotionality, in chromatic expressionism, Nian demonstrates her capacity to unveil her artistic sensibility to the most visceral unconscious. Bodies, portraits, and faces celebrate the contemplative capacity of the human being, the need to transcend its own contradictions in order to find its place in the world.

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Street Levels Gallery is an international urban art gallery, the first place of its kind in Florence. Born from the encounter between artists and cultural producers, the gallery aims to be an articulated environment capable of investigating the various levels of interaction of art - between street, public and exhibition space - interacting with the urban f...

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