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Clara Basco - 20 Apr 2015

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Only a few days are left to the next exhibition of the famous young artist Regina José Galindo, one of the most important international artists and performers.  Regina is a Guatemalan performance artist who specializes in body art. 


Regina Josè Galindo - Piedra


The project is called “Estoy Viva” and it will take place on April 24th at ZAC - Zisa Contemporary Arts of Cultural Shipyards in Palermo.

Next to some famous artworks of the artist there will be also a number of works never seen before in Italy (for example Proxémica, 2003; Verstecken, 2014, and the preview of the video of the performance  Combustible, held in the Dominican Republic in summer 2014). 


Regina Josè Galindo


The exhibition will show over sixty works including videos, photographs and sculptures. They will be divided into five thematic sections: Politics, Women, Violence, and Death Organic. 

This five sections will guide the viewer through human fears, uncertainties and mistakes.


ZAC - Zisa Zona Arti Contemporanee

Via Paolo Gili 4





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