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Today's chapter presents four great photographers: Francesca Masocco, Gabriele Cialdella, Elliott Grieshofer, Giuseppe Bertolini

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Our attentive readers will remember that Looking For Art Gallery promotes and creates a space of artistic experimentation and exchange, preparing young artists for a future career in the arts. Mainly dedicated to artists under 35, Looking For Art Gallery hosts a variety of young artists who experiment with a wide range of different media. Photography is one of those and at Looking for Art you can find many stimulating and intriguing genres and styles. 

Photography literally means 'drawing with light' and Francesca Masocco (Italy, b. 1994) really does so. Through her use of light and shadow, Masocco narrates everyday beauty.

"[...] I tell a story of a submerged, existing world, where a strong harmonious dualism always coexists: a soft and at the same time ruthless light, warm darkness that either pampers us or erases us. I want to look where too often we do not pay the right attention or do not give the right weight; to show the negative as well as the positive and to share the absolute necessity of experiencing our feelings in the round. To extend our inner contours and roots to what is around us and outside, to create a new vision of the whole"


Francesca Mosocco, Superfici


Gabriele Cialdella (Italy, 1993) uses photography to observe the images passing by, "my eye is my camera"

The city of Bari (Puglia, Italy) is his cradle and there he developed his initial colorful and animated vision of his land and the world. Subsequently, the beauty of Rome crossed his path leading him to shoot his first darkroom prints. In Milan, however, he embarked on a new path dedicated to fashion photography that led him to observe new faraway lands, first and foremost Los Angeles.


Gabriele Cialdella, Uomo con Cannocchiale


Gabriele Cialdella, Doccia in Spiaggia


To Elliott Grieshofer (Italy, b.1994), photography is interpretation, "the continuous search for an identity, to tell the observer something or to arouse an emotion". Based in Milan, Grieshofer started working as a photographer in 2017, unaware of what photography really is for him. In 2019  started making photos only in black and white and focusing on interpretation, trying to convey feelings or memories from his images.


Elliot Grieshofer, Ticino Pavia


 Elliot Grieshofer, Passeggiata al lago


Giuseppe Bertolini (Italy, 1996) has found in photography a way to express himself.

"I have always been shy, introverted, photography is for me - as well as a passion and therapy - that voice I have often lacked. A newfound voice that I love to use to talk about topics close to my heart, to express moods, or simply to make a joke now and then".


Giuseppe Bertolini, Moving


Giuseppe Bertolini,, Unmade


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Cover image: Francesca Mosocco, Polveri Antiche

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