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Bottega '500 - presented by the Italian gallery Tivarnella Art Consulting - is a contemporary art exhibition to be held in New York City from 8 to 11 September, where works by internationally active contemporary artists from the Italian scene will be presented.

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Tribeca, an exceptional location in the heart of the city. A place where some works of the selected emerging artists from the Italian art scene will be available for purchase, with the prominent exhibitors being Filippo Alzetta - Nicoletta Cantore - Daria Cerqueni - Franco Chersicola - Annalisa Filippi - Emanuele Giannelli - Enzo E. Mari - Nicola Previati - Adriana Rigonat - Oscar Guglielmo Romanello - Alessandra Rossi - Danilo Susi - Roberto Taddei - Andrea Tomicich - Ricardo Aleodor Venturi.

Filippo Alzetta. Minotaur, 2023. Courtesy of Tivarnella Art

Throughout the exhibition there will be exclusive events dedicated to the themes that the artists have in common - a research that focuses on the contemporary reinterpretation of the Italian Renaissance through pictorial, photographic and sculptural works. Shared aesthetic and intellectual principles are declined in deeply polarised visions that take shape from innovative research, indicative of a complex and synergic artistic horizon.

Different points of view intersect in a choral narrative in which each voice is an expression of an exceptional perspective. On Saturday 9th September at 7 p.m., the event dedicated to Venice will take place. The artistic creations will be the subject of a unique encounter which through the evocative atmosphere of the works will generate a mysterious and integral experience in the soft light of the city's vibrant heart.

Oscar Guglielmo Romanello. Jummer 21, 2021. Courtesy of Tivarnella Art

On Sunday 10th September, art and elegance will merge in the harmonies of the event dedicated to Florence, and by means of a journey beyond time and space, visitors will be led into a labyrinth suspended between contemporaneity and the past that reverberates in an arcane and secret eternity.

With Bottega '500, the Tivarnella Art consulting aims to create an occasion of exchange between the Italian contemporary art scene and the cultural fervour of New York City, a unique opportunity thanks to this warp of encounters, art and suggestions.

Tivarnella Art is an art consulting studio that specialises in curating, education, consulting and publishing. It has two art galleries based in Trieste and Venice and an art dealer in New York. Tivarnella has curated public and private collections, and participated in and directed commissions and scientific committees for important national and international awards, festivals, institutions and companies.

The exhibition will be open from 7 to 11 September. On Friday 8 September at 7 p.m. there will be an exclusive opening vernissage introduced by Enea Chersicola, director of the studio and curator of the project.

Cover Image: BOTTEGA '500. Courtesy of Tivarnella Art.

Written by: Kooness

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