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Alessandra Rossi

Trieste, Italy

9 Works exhibited on Kooness

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Analytical poetry digging into the depths of the ego. Actively involved
in the art world for many years, she
is vice-president of the association Il Sestante and one of the two curators of Immobiliare Art, an art space in Sistiana (Trieste) that brings together contemporary art and housing design.



Alessadra Rossi was born in Trieste and she studied at the local art masters academies in Italy. She displayed her works in numerous exhibitions in Italy, France and Slovenia. She is involved in the promotion of young artistic talents with the Immobiliare Art’s exhibition activities and she is a member of the “Il Sestante” cultural association.



Alessandra Rossi, pittrice di Trieste, si forma presso le Accademie dei Maestri del territorio. Ha esposto in tutta Italia, in Francia e in Slovenia. Oltre alla sua attività espositiva è impegnata nella promozione di giovani talenti artistici con le attività espositive di Immobiliare Art ed è membro del direttivo dell’associazione  Il Sestante.