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Kooness - 06 Aug 2015

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For the International Youth Forum FIODS (Milan, 27-30 August 2015), which will have its main day in EXPO on August 29th, 2015, AVIS National will open at 9.15 am the work 'Tavola di condivisione' specially made for this project by sculptor Alberto Gianfreda - Off Brera Gallery artist.

The work, which will be placed along the walkway that connects Cascina Merlata to the South entrance of Expo, wants to leave a permanent mark of the link between the action of AVIS and the EXPO theme 'Feeding the Planet'.


Tavola di condivisione - Alberto Gianfreda


The artwork is composed of a series of big wooden legs, manufactured in the italian tradition and that refer to the subject of the table, place of excellence for sharing. These support has a soft surface of red clay that reminds the fluidity of the blood, vital as food that is shared and offered on the table.

The 'table' has seen the contribution of several hundred blood donors and representatives of the institutions and the world transfusion. 

In fact, during the Donor World Day of last June 14th, visitors were asked to tighten in their hands some soft clay, in this way they collected the imprints of the palms of the hands. This little pieces of clay have composed the artwork.


Tavola di condivisione - Alberto Gianfreda

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