10 Most Influential Photography Collectors

Kooness - 13 Feb 2016

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While contemporary painting and sculpture collectors are often changeable, photography collectors tend to stick to beloved artists and fly below the radar, sometimes going as far as to make their auction purchases through an agent.  As the list below reveals, the world's top photography collectors can't be forced to decide. Photography collectors are the world's coolest collectors, it seems.

From Hollywood celebrities and hotel heirs to Wall Streeters and CEOs, these A-list collectors know how to build the best collection on their own terms.


Here the list of the 10 Most Influential Photography Collectors.


Artur Walther - GermanAmerican collector and former Goldman Sachs partner


Elton John


Celso Gonzalez-Falla with Sondra Gilman


David Dechman - CEO and co-founder of Summit Rock Advisors and a trustee of MoMa


Andrew Pilara - San Francisco investment banker


Daniel Greenberg and Susan Steinhauser


 John and Lisa Pritzker - creator of the Hyatt hotel chain


Michael Wilson - producer of the legendary James Bond films


Bob and Randi Fisher - the son of Gap founder and his wife


Peter Cohen - investment banker



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