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O'Art Project The active side of infinity In 2014, an artist collective was born by committing every decision with the highest regard for the artists that work with it. The collective evolved and grew with the incorporation of devoted artists that share the same values. The new O-Art Project has emerged in order to develop its presence and transcend over time. Life is a learning process of trial and error. With several years of combined experience, the new O-Art Project is focused, disciplined and harmonised. As an artist's run project, the O-Art Project offers its love and dedication to produce the best content for the international art scene. The O-Art Project´s participants are skilful artists who grew up working with traditional art galleries but grew out of space. By realising similar interests and bonding effortlessly together, the O-Art Project connects the links and reinforces the individual proposals infinitely.

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Av. Almte. Miguel Grau 810
15063 Lima


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