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14 x 15 x 14 cm
5.51 x 6 x 5.51 in







Blown glass, variable dimensions.

These glass spheres that contain those objects resemble time capsules or messages in a bottle, yet they also recall the crystal balls of fortunetellers. Their contents also allude to a magical world, for they feel like the ingredients of a spell.

The artist thus makes a spell of sorts to maintain her affective link with the past, and at the same time with the future, while pointing to the enigma of time, whose riddle is that of memory and death. Before her abyss, Jessica Schneider proposes transcending the fragment of time that defines our lives, linking oracle and spell, because only from the future its possible to contemplate our past, understand it, and give it the emotional sense of a totality.

1971 Lima, Peru

Based in Lima, MFA Parsons School of Design, BFA Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru, Glass Studies at Urban Glass NYC, Washington Glass, Dc Glass Works, Gent Glass, Berlin Glass.

Solo Shows in Habitante Gallery Panama, Forum Gallery Lima Peru, La Galeria Lima Peru. Awards: Oskar Kollin Fellowship New York, Parsons School of Design Scholarship New York,Helena Rubinstein Scholarship New York.

Michell CIA award Arequipa Peru. Southern Petroleum ART award Arequipa Peru. Coca Cola Company award Trujillo Peru.

Group Shows ,Humbolt Palace Berlin Glass box 2018 , Dresdner Bank Hamburg Germany 2017 , Eulac Hamburg 2014,Habitante Gallery 2017 Panama , Air Gallery NYC 1999.

A fan, a dictionary, some dolls, teeth, some keys, branches, etc.: an arbitrary collection of elements and vestiges of existence. Jessica Schneider brings together these emotionally invested objects and preserves them. But these fragmented objects offer just a partial picture of life.

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Lima, Av. Almte. Miguel Grau 810

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Constant Change 14


109.22 x 109.22 x 5.08 cm

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