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Roland Schmitz

Waiblingen, Germany

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Works by Roland Schmitz

Reclining Nude


Sculpture , Metal

25 x 39cm

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The complex sculptures of Roland Schmitz (*1972, Waiblingen/GER) are often created according to the model of a two-dimensional paper cut, which he transfers into multi-perspective and expansive abstract objects. In doing so, he allows himself to be guided by his artistic intuition and experience and, with his working method controlled by chance and experiment, aims to find a form that may lie outside his initial imagination. He then translates them into materials such as steel, copper, brass or bronze in color variations and different patinas. Roland Schmitz's objects captivate with their multi-facetedness and complexity, while appearing fragile and light. They are reminiscent of insect wings, flowers and organic forms. In his latest works Roland Schmitz cites classical formats such as equestrian statues and portraits of rulers. Roland Schmitz's sculptures are both ironic commentaries on art historical models and light-footed attacks on our sensual experiences and habits of seeing. 


“Un marchand / Un artiste“, Ricardo Fernandes Gallery, Paris, France

“The RhinePrize”, sculpture park, Bonn, Germany


“Remembrance”, GALERIE ANJA KNOESS, Cologne, Germany

“The RhinePrize”, sculpture park, Bonn, Germany


"BLITZEIS - Accrochage", GALERIE ANJA KNOESS, Cologne, Germany

"Permanent Collection", Museum am Dom, Würzburg, Germany

Acquisition of the Art Collection of the Diocese of Würzburg Foundation, Germany

"ReFORM", Württembergisches Landesmuseum, Old Castle, Stuttgart, Germany

“Aestival”, curator Ricardo Fernandes, Cloitre des Billettes, Paris, France



“European Artists in China”, Qingdao Sculpture Art Museum, China

“Beeldenpark”, Duin & Kruidberg Estate, Santpoort, Netherlands

“MACHT KUNST”, Unter den Linden foyer, Deutsche Bank, Berlin, Germany



“Sculptue park”, Duin & Kruidberg Estate, Santpoort, Netherlands

"All In / 2", Ampersand Gallery, Cologne, Germany



“Garage Sale Out”, Teapot, Cologne, Germany

“LoveShot”, Ricardo Fernandes Gallery, Paris, France

“Roland Schmitz”, Ricardo Fernandes Gallery, Paris, France



"SCRIPTORUM ...", Galerie Goltz and the Philharmonie, Essen, Germany

“Trésors contemporains”, Ricardo Fernandes Gallery, Paris, France

“Mets la gomme!” - Ampersand Art Room, Cologne, Germany



“City leaks”, urban art festival, Hochbunker, Cologne Ehrenfeld, Germany

"SATT" - Rheinlandhalle, art association artrmx eV, Cologne, Germany

Artist group SATT from Berlin and Basel

“Un jour tres ordinaire ...”, Kunstraum Ampersand, Cologne, Germany



“Young Art Special Show”, DEUBAU 2010, Essen, Germany

“Listen to your eyes”, art-space schulte-goltz + noelte, Essen, Germany



“The Köln Concept”, KISD, Rheinlandhalle, Cologne, Germany

"Hug me, Heimlich", Long Night of Museums, Cologne, Germany

"Official Galerie Hasen International", Düsseldorf Art Academy, initiated by Florian Meisenberg and Anna KE, Düsseldorf, Germany



“Annual gifts” - Art-Fabrik Galerie, in cooperation with the Von-der-Heydt-Museum Wuppertal, Wuppertal, Germany



"Wuppertal North", artist room Art-Fabrik + Hotel, curator Dr. S. Fehlemann / Von-der-Heydt-Museum Wuppertal, Wuppertal, Germany



"Details d`Architecture", Museo Casa Batló, Barcelona, ​​Spain

CRAFT - ceramics, team Prof. P. Molestina



“You are so beautiful”, steel carving class, Werkstatthaus Stuttgart, Germany

2016 Art prize of the Protestant regional church