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Giuliano Grittini

Milan, Italy

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Giuliano Grittini was born in Corbetta in 1951, where he lives and works with numerous artists and poet.. He attended a graphic design school in Milan and for several years and then he worked as an expert in printing techniques for several years. He created artworks for several art and poetry magazines. Bound by sincere friendship to Merini, he is the author of numerous portraits of her in which - according to numerous critics - he succeeds in capturing not only the gesture and the face, but also the soul.

He currently works in Corbetta (MI) where he has an art print shop for his own works.


Author of numerous publications, including a booklet of epigrams and photographs on various artists and poets entitled "44 facce d'Autore", Grittini has also published for Stampa Alternativa, in the Collana millelire, "Fotografie e Aforismi di Alda Merini - Grazierazio sempre chi mi dà ragione".

Other works of his are: "Aforismi di Alda Merini", photos by Giuliano Grittini, Stampa Alternativa, Viterbo, 1997 and, for the "L'incisione" edition, the book of "Fotografie e poesie di Alda Merini". Finally, for the "Edizione Pulcinoelefante", he published a limited edition of "Ritratti di Poeti e Artisti".

In the book "Colpe di immagini", published by the publisher Rizzoli in 2007, he dedicated numerous photos to Alda Merini.