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Felipe Bedoya


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"My Project portrays the Colombian Pacific from a social point of view, focused on biodiversity, displacement and migrations, being these issues fundamental even in an international level.

Drawing and photography are the bases of this project, generating a mixture of techniques that are an evidence of a reality, and at the same time, an interpretation of the unknown, of what is not visible to the eye, in plain sight.  The nuances and virtues of a daily situation that paradoxically becomes infinitely beautiful.

The mixture of this symbolic figures form a speech in which the plan tree builds, the man divides and the fragmented canoe is destroyed en the middle of a social reality that only gets council and union in the element that connects them all, the water.

My work relates identity, mysticism, beauty and particularity of its environment; it becomes a story in itself suggesting an ambiguity and a paradox. The words slip overlapped by an implicit discourse, in which it does not matter who, where, or when, as long as it is confronted with the emotional charge of its origins, its essence and instincts.

The personal levels and morphological compositions manage to delineate an interpellant and cultural psychological burden argument, whose plastic explorations originate in drawing and photography depending on the character and the technical fusion of their traces.
The plastic search for the essence is born then, where the images of a Latin culture, tinged with Afro-descendant traits, aspire to be a bridge between the mind and the affections, between instinct and reality."

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