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31 x 22 cm
12.20 x 9 in




Drawings & Works on Paper



Graphite, cartridge ink, coloured pencils.

, Colombia

In the limit that unites reality and abstraction, there is an unexplored stretch of metaphor. This space, which lends its opportunity to the development of a technical mixture, is occupied by a photographic composition that sharpens its plastic-affective influence through a process of multifocal inquiry.

The personal plans, body compositions and deepening of the image manage to delineate an interpellant and cultural psychological burden argument, whose plastic explorations originate in drawing and photography depending on the character and the technical fusion of their traces. The work recounts identity, mysticism, beauty and particularity of its environment, it becomes a history in itself suggesting ambiguity and paradox.

The words slip overlapped by an implicit discourse, in which it does not matter who, where, or when, as long as it is confronted with the emotional charge of its origins, its essence and instincts. The artistic search for essence is then developed, where the images of a Latin culture, tinged with afro descendants, aspire to be a bridge between the mind and the affections, between instinct and reality.

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Tabio, Dipartimento di Cundinamarca

Adrian Ibañez Gallery, the first and unique gallery in Colombia and possibly in Latin-America, placed in a little town in the country side....

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63 x 91 x 0.1 cm