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Duc Dzung Hoang

Hanoi, Vietnam

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Paintings , Oil

110 x 135cm

7511,00 €

Red River


Paintings , Oil

110 x 135cm

7511,00 €

Hoang Duc Dzung is an artist, who graduated at Vietnam University of Fine Arts, in 1998. Later, he obtained a Master's Degree in 2009. Nowadays, he is a lecturer at the National University of Art Education in Vietnam.

His creations are mainly landscape and nude paintings. When he paints objects, these are often placed in a dim space in mono-colour and the space is often depicted in the early morning or evening. For this reason, everything in his paintings seems to be placed in a state between real and virtual, seeing and unseen, standing still and moving.

- 2001 to 2008: he had 3 solo exhibitions in Vietnam and Hong Kong.

- 1997 to 2023: he participated 24 group exhibitions held in Vietnam, UK, Italy, USA, Myanmar and Japan.

His artworks have been collected by both private individuals and government/commercial organizations from Hong Kong, Indonesia, Myanmar, Arab Emirates, Japan, Australia, Italy, Germany, UK, France and USA.