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Single piece Signed Dated Titled



110 x 135 cm
43 x 53.15 in







People want to see things clearly and understand them better but Dzung doesn’t think it this way. He wants his viewers to read the pictures with their own emotions and experiences where his artworks become a living body to communicate with viewers and in such a way everything really reveals its true nature. Dzung : “Yellow symbolizes the earth, peace, fullness, wealth…” (This artwork was stretched)

1971 Hanoi, Vietnam

Hoang Duc Dzung is an artist, who graduated at Vietnam University of Fine Arts, in 1998. Later, he obtained a Master's Degree in 2009. Nowadays, he is a lecturer at the National University of Art Education in Vietnam.

His creations are mainly landscape and nude paintings. When he paints objects, these are often placed in a dim space in mono-colour and the space is often depicted in the early morning or evening. For this reason, everything in his paintings seems to be placed in a state between real and virtual, seeing and unseen, standing still and moving.

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