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16 February 2023

AI Art defined: what is Artificial Intelligence art and what does it mean for artists?

From DALL-E to ChatGPT, artificial intelligence is everywhere. Our newfound access to these tools has made many to question the possibility of , from writing to art to design.  Related articles: , , .  Questions about t

17 March 2023

Artful Home: Transforming Your Living Space with Artworks

Decorating one’s living space with artworks brings soul to a room and reflects the inner world of the owner. Artworks have the power to transform a bland and uninspiring space into a vibrant and dynamic one, creating a visual impact that can be

04 March 2023

25 years of innovations, discoveries, and support for emerging artists: Art Paris described by the director Guillaume Piens

The Art Paris’s Director Guillaume Piens, recounts the evolution of the fair in this past quarter of a century, describes the peculiarities and qualities of this year's edition and suggests to us the most fascinating and breathtaking artwor

01 March 2023

Pixel art: definitions, examples and where to find the best Pixel Art

In a world of fast-changing technological tools, artificial intelligence and online digital manipulation tools, artists have a plethora of options at their disposal to create digital and . This very fact makes the revival of pixel art in recent years