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Do not miss "Summer Memories" Jaloe Art Gallery's latest exhibition, an exclusive group show reflecting on the theme of seascapes and summer memories, on view from June, 29th to July, 29th.

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As the sea is full of colors, these artworks are too. Nuria Miró, Alberto Márquez, Covella, Bartus, Garcia Soler and Alfredo Candela are the artists represented on this show. The artworks that we present now, go from realistic to abstract style. In this exhibition, we perceive how nature, and all around it, can be expressed through art. The ocean is movement and that is transmitted in these artworks, they are full of dynamism, life, and beautiful effects that will immerse you in them. 

Nuria Miró - "Beach life"

What is better than a nice day at the beach with our best friends or our loved ones? Nuria Miró makes us get deep inside our good memories with her artworks. We can observe in her artworks two different styles, a hyper-realistic seascape on the background and a modern expressionist - figurative style on the front.


Courtesy Jaloe Art Gallery


Alberto Márquez - " A window to the Mediterranean coast"

The main feature of Alberto Márquez is the fusion of techniques he uses on the canvas, which together looks like one. His artworks captivate you just by looking at them, his movement envelops and catches you. He usually paints real scenes of the Mediterranean beaches.


Courtesy Jaloe Art Gallery


Covella - "Under the sea"

Covella has a defined abstract style. The range of colors she uses, are mostly pastel and soft, neutral tones which create art that harmonizes with almost any decorative style. Her artistic productions do not leave anyone indifferent but make viewers immerse themselves in the depths of her creations.

Covella lives near the sea and it is one of her preferred inspirations when it comes to painting her artworks.


Courtesy Jaloe Art Gallery


Eduardo Romaguera - "Life"

Romaguera evolved in a figurative universe, in which he developed his artistic language. He lets himself be guided by his inspiration, painting what he loves. "That is my particular way of doing things. You should note that this process of creating a canvas is not completely mechanical, it is necessary to take into account several different parameters simultaneously. Poetry unites them, makes them timeless, and allows me to transmit a thought in a transparent way", says the artist about his work.


Courtesy Jaloe Art Gallery


Garcia Soler - "Salt and the sea"

Soler has lived close to the Mediterranean sea all his life which is reflected in the light of his canvases. Among his favorites themes are cliffs and seascapes. He is famous for his water transparences. The technique and chromatic palette of his works take the viewer to remote places of imagination, provoking vivid memories. His technique is oil painted in canvas.


Courtesy Jaloe Art Gallery


Alfredo Candela - "Summer happiness"

Alfredo dominates the canvas both in cool tones and the warmest hues that one can observe in Spain’s bright and luminous seascapes. Now working in sculptural media and acrylic, he has recently started adding a 3-dimensional element to each canvas to further expresses his vibrant and joyful life on the Spanish coast.


Courtesy Jaloe Art Gallery


Cover image: Courtesy Jaloe Art Gallery

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